Cruise Review – Silver Muse – Cruise Traveller

Cruise Review – Silver Muse

Rejana with the Silver Muse in Melbourne February 2020
  • Cruise Line: Silversea Cruises
  • Size: 40,700 tons
  • Name of Ship: Silver Muse
  • Guest Capacity: 596
  • Cruised from: Melbourne, Australia
  • Cruised to: Sydney, Australia
  • Name of Participant and role: Rejana Gerards, Boutique Voyage & Cruise Specialist, Cruise Traveller

What she promises:

All-inclusive ultra-luxury cruising offering a highly personalised level of service. From the website: “Silversea is committed to making your voyage unforgettable by taking to you the most beautiful destinations on the planet in the comfort and elegance you deserve.”

What she delivers:

Luxury small ship cruising with exquisite cuisine and attentive service. Silversea delivers a premium cruise product to anybody wanting to indulge and be taken care of from start to finish.

Overall experience:

Can’t really fault anything on this trip, only that maybe it was too brief! In all aspects of the cruise, I had a great time on board. Always something to do. Love the at sea days to relax on board and take in the different activities offered but it is always nice to have port days to explore too.

What impressed me the most:

Travel for me is a lot about the food you get to try whilst being away from home. Silver Muse’s vast array of cuisines on board really stood out for me. There was so much choice and all at such high quality. From their authentic Italian restaurant, to sushi, to Asian fusion dishes, seafood and their ocean view grill by the pool, you were not left hungry or disappointed. A standout food experience was the Valentine’s Day chocolate buffet. Every chocolate dessert you can think of, very impressive!

A tasty chocolate display – impressive – Silver Muse 2020

Accommodation impression:

Beautifully designed with neutral colours throughout the suites on board the ship. I stayed in a Deluxe Veranda Suite and it was very spacious and modern looking (as were the other suites I got to view whilst on board). The suite was fitted with a hi-tech tv in mirrored glass, great lighting, walk-in robe, separate sitting area with couch and chair and a good size bathroom with separate shower/bath.

Dining impression:

Delicious food and so much choice! Everything tasted so good from the extensive breakfast and lunch buffets to the sit down three course dinners. The Arts Café on board served a range of mini sandwiches, wraps, scones and other desserts throughout the afternoon if you got hungry between meals. You would never be left hungry as there was always somewhere to go dine, even if it was in your suite.

Service impression:

With all Silversea ships you have a butler who you can call throughout your stay for assistance with whatever you like – in-room dining, booking shore tours, having laundry cleaned, making a dinner reservation on board etc. Nothing is ever too much trouble and they are always around to make your cruise most memorable and enjoyable as possible. Impressed with the level of service overall but in particular with our butler and the personalised service given.

Enjoying the brilliant service onboard Silver Muse

What is included in the fare:

Free-flowing alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages, gourmet cuisine, in-suite dining, full butler service for every suite, gratuities, and on board entertainment

Currency on board: US dollars

Shore experiences:

Did not do any of the Silversea shore excursions but instead chose to explore the destination independently. Just the one port we stopped at on this voyage (Eden, NSW). Silversea had a complimentary shuttle bus that transported us to the nearby town centre to wander around. Well labelled bus, on time, friendly driver and guide. They offered a brief drive around the town with a bit of commentary before guests got off in the town centre which was nice and unexpected.