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I’ll have the “Smithsonian” with that

Ponant is busy getting ready for a post-covid world by partnering up with Smithsonian Journeys on 19 new in-depth departures in 2022.

GREECE – The Acropolis, Athens

Could this be the most influential cultural site for western civilization in the world? In this series, we explore UNESCO World Heritage Sites of the world.

The Turul of Hungary

What is a Turul you ask?
It’s only the symbol of Hungary we say…

Stories of the Blues

The legend of Robert Johnson – blues musician and how he got his talent.

The `Old Woman` of the Arctic – Inuit myth and legends

Meet Sedna, the fingerless sea goddess of the Arctic Inuit – does she have a tale to tell…

More Than Waterfalls – the Myths & Legends of Iceland’s Falls

There’s more than just stunning natural beauty to discover in Iceland. These waterfalls have stories all of their own…

Nashville for Nix

Got some time to kill in Nashville Tennessee? Well here’s a few things you can do for next to nothing! Nix!

An Address to the Haggis…

If you’re lucky enough to be in Scotland on the 25th of January you will be treated to one of their greatest traditions – Burns Night.

Five Free things to do in Paris

The best things in life are free, especially when you are in gay Pareee….

Delicious Christmas Treats from Germany with Love…

Yes, the German Christmas markets are full of colour and magical lights. But they are also rich in delicious smells of tasty treats and warming drinks…