Sammie Davis – Cruise Traveller
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Sammie Davis

Flight Specialist

I have worked in the travel industry for 6 years and have worked at companies such as Flight Centre, I.C.E Vacations and Trip A Deal as travel agent, Customer service agent, Team Leader & Flights specialist before coming to the lovely Cruise Traveller. 

Before I joined the travel world, I packed my bags and ventured around the world for months on end and was lucky enough to have lived in London for 5 months. I have always had a passion for travel from a very young age, I always knew there was more out there and I couldn’t wait to see it!

Sammie: In NYC for New years

Destinations Visited

Australia, Indonesia, Fiji, Japan, Hong Kong, United Arab Emirates, Greece, Italy, Hungary, Austria, Check Republic, Poland, Germany, Switzerland, France, England, Ireland, Belgium, Denmark, Slovenia, Netherlands, Luxembourg, Slovakia, United States, Singapore.

Favourite Destination

I can never decide between New York and London – Both are beyond magical and wonderful cities, especially in Winter (I only go in winter, for that reason).