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It’s funny, isn’t it, how much our world has changed?  Once-upon-a-time, ALL cruise travel was considered luxurious, with glamorous movie stars rubbing shoulders with tycoons… These days it’s a very different story with almost every kind of traveller catered for.  Therefore, for the discerning traveller, it can be quite difficult to find that perfect luxury cruise experience with many cruise lines bandying about the term without any real reference point. 

For us, luxury means all the usual bells and whistles – elegant décor, stylish surrounds, cloud-floating mattresses and fine dining.  It also means – and this is the crucial difference – an exceptional level of service.  On our luxury cruise lines, service is ‘pre-emptive’.  If you only eat the almonds from your nut bowl at the bar, tomorrow, your bowl will only have almonds in it.  It’s that attention to detail, that way of making you feel like the most important person on the ship, and it’s those small things that you never forget.

Many of our luxury brands are all inclusive with an open bar policy on board, some include tipping and yet others also include a range of included shore excursions – all in the single cruise fare. Luxury means not having to dip your hand in your pocket very often.

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