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Africa – South & Central

Africa – South & Central

Africa – Southern and Central

This region covers the southern part of this fascinating continent, from West Africa round to East Africa. Snow-capped mountains, the Sahara Desert, Kilimanjaro, the Serengeti and Maasai Mara all await the intrepid traveller. There is a vast range of cultures and experiences waiting to be explored in this region, but for many, the continent’s safaris are its biggest draw; where else can you see lions, rhinos, hippos, elephants, gorillas, leopards and flamingos in their natural habitat? You can explore Uganda’s rainforests, the Great Rift Valley, South Africa’s Kruger National Park or take a trek with the Bedouin – the possibilities are endless.

Cruise types

Cruises to this region are generally from the UK or are part of World or extended cruises – generally these are traditional sea voyages with a limited number of visits to West African ports, and tend to return from Cape Town.

World and extended cruises visit a wider range of South African ports as well as West and East African destinations.

Cruise season

Cruises based out of South Africa, cruises from the UK, and World Cruises all tend to operate in the period from October to April.

Main Ports

Africa – Durban, Cape Town and Maputo World Cruises – Cape Town, Durban, Mauritius, Reunion, Mombasa


The northern part of this region is equatorial, and the seasons reflect rain more than temperature. The rainy season is part of the monsoon cycle which tends to be in April and October/November. South Africa’s weather does have seasons, with winter having cool nights and warm days and summer can be warm to hot and humid.

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