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Stereotyped Killer Whales or Friendly Orcas?

Friend or foe?
The magnificent orca defies all labels…

Getting ships past Niagara Falls to the Great Lakes – how is it done?

Just HOW do ships pass from Lake Ontario to Lake Erie without going over Niagara Falls?

Tooth-Walking Sea Horses (aka Walrus)

Climbing up a beach or a piece of sea-ice with it’s exceptional set of canines, is the Walrus – or Tooth-Walking Sea Horse. Get better acquainted with this giant of the Arctic here.

Gumbo, Bourbon Street & Mardi Gras – New Orleans in the Spotlight

New Orleans is one of America’s most iconic and well-known cities. From it’s famous mardi gras to a unique cuisine all it’s own, we recommend you stay another day in this Louisiana city.

Cleaning up the Oceans with Ocean Interceptor

Boyan Slat (Pictured) is the brain child of The Ocean Cleanup preparing to take on the massive job of cleaning up our oceans, one river at a time…

Tootin’ a horn for Chicago

Windy in more ways than one, Illinois’ Chicago is a hub for what is happening in the States…

Shining a Light on the Lights

Are the Northern Lights on your bucket list? Here’s all you need to know about them and how to get the best out of your camera when you find them.

What Penguin is That?

The portly feathered friends we know as penguins come in many shapes and sizes, get the low-down on the Penguins of the Sub Antarctic Islands here.

Adventure Canada Testimonials

We could go on and on about Adventure Canada.

But we will leave that up to their guests…

What did you think of… Star Clipper

Ahoy! It’s our marketing coordinator’s turn to give you her opinion. This time it’s the romantic Star Clipper…