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Australia by Paddlewheel & Locomotion 2022

Combining a cruise and a train is always a good idea, and this local one is no exception…

Moments you will never forget on your Northwest Passage adventure

Are you looking for a place to connect with the planet, to wonder at the wilds? Come home to the Arctic with our five unrepeatable Northwest Passage experiences.

Welcome Celestyal Cruises!

We’re delighted to welcome Celestyal Cruises to our portfolio of niche cruise brands. With fares from just $1159 AUD, there’s plenty to celebrate!

Test your Mississippi River knowledge with our Quiz…

The mighty Mississippi River touches ten States as it moves from it’s source in Minnesota to it’s grand finale in Louisiana through the centre of the United States of America. Test your knowledge with our Mississippi River Quiz and impress your trivia team!

Looking ahead to Japan in 2023

As the world slowly starts to open, it’s time to start allowing ourselves to look forward to trips to incredible places like Japan. That quietly bubbling in your heart that we’ve all been suppressing for so long.

Heading Northwest in 2023?

If the Arctic is on your bucket list, then this limited offer by Adventure Canada is sure to tick that box for you.

Get Your Sparkle on in Sydney for NYE 2022

Staying in Sydney for the famous New Year’s Eve celebrations has never been so easy and affordable.

Nine States in Three Weeks with no money down? Easy!

It’s a Grand American Sojourn – yes indeed-ee. Twenty-two nights through the heart of the United States with savings and bonus offers a-plenty!

Aqua Nera’s Amazon Adventure is Back – and there’s video proof

Fancy an adventure in the world famous Amazon? Want to see what a day on the river is like? Look no further!

New! Australia by Paddlewheel & Locomotion

If the clacking of train tracks and the splashing of paddlewheels are what you like to hear on your holidays – then have we got a trip for you…