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Travel Insurance – affordable peace of mind

From lost luggage to emergency medical evacuations, we know that travel insurance is a must for any well-planned holiday.

Dubrovnik's Summer Delights

Perhaps one of the Mediterranean’s most photographed destinations, Dubrovnik is a jewel on the Dalmatia Coast.

New Zealand's fjords – where even the Gods practiced until perfect.

Even the gods have to practice – that’s the Maori legend about Fjordland National Park.

All aboard the Christmas of a lifetime

Sick of cooking, cleaning and the rush that we call Christmas day but want to be with your family? Why not take them with you on an expedition cruise?

The secret life of Giraffes

What weighs up to 2 tonnes, is born 6 foot tall and hails from Africa?

Cape Town – History & Good Hope for the future

South Africa’s Cape Town has seen it’s fair share of history over the last 500 years…

Where is the Iron Gates Gorge?

Heard of the Iron Gates Gorge? Well now you have…

What's brilliant about Beavers

Did you know that the amazing beaver may be able to help reverse some of the affects of climate change?

The Run Down on Reindeer

Reindeer or Caribou – whatever you call them they are more than Santa’s transport, they are a symbol of the Arctic.

Pont du Gard, France – UNESCO world heritage sites

France’s Pont du Gard once carried water over 50km at a gradient of less than 1cm – more on this wonder of ancient Roman engineering here.