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Riviera Travel River Cruises appoints GSA in Australia

We’re pretty excited about our latest GSA agreement with the wonderful, Riviera Travel River Cruises…

Cleaning up the Oceans with Ocean Interceptor

Boyan Slat (Pictured) is the brain child of The Ocean Cleanup preparing to take on the massive job of cleaning up our oceans, one river at a time…

Sailing for Good – Episode 3 – Canada

Robert & Vanessa Moberg head to Sea Otters Cove and found…

Five (EXCITING) new destinations for Ponant in 2021

Ponant Cruises has released a veritable plethora of new destinations for 2021. Here are 5 that we just love.

Overtourism – and what you can do about it.

Cruise Passenger Magazine’s Peter Lynch address the problems faced by a growing cruise industry worldwide and what we can do to elleviate the problems.

Green is the New Black

Riviera Travel River Cruises is introducing new ways to reduce plastic consumption onboard.

Reducing air pollution, one ship at a time.

From the team at – find out how responsible cruise lines are changing the industry – one ship at a time.

French Gastronomy on the High Seas

French cruise line, PONANT, provides an edible tribute to the region of Provence.

Passionate about Canada?

It’s a big deal to be awarded a ‘Canadian Signature Experience’…

Ponant rakes in the awards

PONANT is winning awards again – find out what is going in their ‘pool room’