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Ocean Cruises

Welcome to the world of ocean cruising…

Once, this was the ONLY type of cruising with ocean crossings being the most popular form of transport (and in many cases, the only form of transport) between continents.  These days ocean cruising makes up the majority of the world’s commercial cruise product. With such a large number of cruise lines vying for your attention, it can be a daunting task just to choose a cruise!

Here at Cruise Traveller, we only deal in small ships on the ocean waves. Our largest ship hosts 980 guests (Crystal Serenity) and the smallest just 50.  For us, small ship cruising turns a regular cruise into something more – it’s a way to grow your friendships and gives you ease of access to almost every port.  If you’ve ever waited in line for hours to embark or disembark a big ship – you will love the speedy small ships!

We’d love to help you navigate through the decision of the perfect holiday for you on any ocean cruise – our team have tried most of them and will be a valuable resource for you.