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The Freedom of Solo Cruising

According to data from a global Solo Travel survey in 2019, 76 per cent of people have either travelled alone or are considering it

Riviera Travel River Cruises appoints GSA in Australia

We’re pretty excited about our latest GSA agreement with the wonderful, Riviera Travel River Cruises…

Cleaning up the Oceans with Ocean Interceptor

Boyan Slat (Pictured) is the brain child of The Ocean Cleanup preparing to take on the massive job of cleaning up our oceans, one river at a time…

The search for eco-friendly solutions with Sailing for Good continues…

Catch up with Robert and Vanessa Moberg on their travels searching out some good in our world…

Ten Reasons to Choose an Expedition Cruise

Ten big reasons to make your next cruise an EXPEDITION…

How SMALL ships became a BIG success for Cruise Traveller

While cruise ships were getting bigger and travel companies around the world were jumping on the growth and obsessed about the growing size of vessels, Craig noticed no-one was looking after small, boutique ships…

Small Ship Alaska Cruise Adventures

Ever wondered how you can get close to nature in Alaska? This from Judi Cohen at on Un-Cruise Adventures.

Overtourism – and what you can do about it.

Cruise Passenger Magazine’s Peter Lynch address the problems faced by a growing cruise industry worldwide and what we can do to elleviate the problems.

Introducing the PONANT Foundation

Newly created in 2018, the PONANT Foundation set’s forth it’s goals for the future.

Sailing for Good posts first episode

Part 1 in the adventures of Robert and Vanessa Moberg as they journey our planet looking for hope and solutions to climate issues and pollution.