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Post it American Queen

American Queen’s mighty paddle wheels will soon grace a brand new US postage stamp – in a series about the Mighty Mississippi …

Quietly, Gently, Slowly – Le Commandant Charcot and our Poles

Discovering our precious poles via eco-friendly, state of the art, kind to the environment ship sound like your thing? May we present: Le Commandant Charcot

The Antarctic by Luxury Polar Explorer

Ponant’s new ship Le Commandant Charcot is the way forward for expedition cruising with nurturing our planet and promoting awareness front of mind on these two exceptional Antarctic trips.

The Arctic by Luxury Ice Explorer

If you like your ships kind on the planet and as tough as a walrus, then let us introduce you to Ponant’s new ship Le Commandant Charcot and two exclusive Arctic offers.

What European cruise line has partnered with Cruise Traveller?

Find out who’s the latest cruise line in our cruise stable….

Cruise Traveller – coming to a Cinema near you…

We’ve turned our love of eco travel and Australia into a brand new cinema ad! Check it out here…

Forget about the laundry, drinks and wi-fi – they’re all included in the new Aussie dollar Golden Horizon fares.

The long awaited 2023 Mediterranean season for the newest and larges square-rigged sailing ship in the world, Golden Horizon is now released. Find out more here.

Why Choose American Queen Voyages for your Next USA Holiday

We love American Queen Voyages River vessels, and here’s why we think you will too…

How Does a Steamboat Work?

Just how DOES a steam powered river boat work you ask?

We have the answer right here….

Looking ahead to Japan in 2023

As the world slowly starts to open, it’s time to start allowing ourselves to look forward to trips to incredible places like Japan. That quietly bubbling in your heart that we’ve all been suppressing for so long.