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Irish Conservationist joins Adventure Canada expedition team

Ireland from the eyes of a local conservationist & scientist – Diana Beresford-Kroeger.

Lindblad’s New National Geographic Venture… Baja California

Get the low-down on California’s fabulous Baja with this review by the team at

What's brilliant about Beavers

Did you know that the amazing beaver may be able to help reverse some of the affects of climate change?

Cleaning up the Oceans with Ocean Interceptor

Boyan Slat (Pictured) is the brain child of The Ocean Cleanup preparing to take on the massive job of cleaning up our oceans, one river at a time…

The secret life of Giraffes

What weighs up to 2 tonnes, is born 6 foot tall and hails from Africa?

Five Free things to do in Paris

The best things in life are free, especially when you are in gay Pareee….

Travelling on the Venice Simplon-Orient-Express

Ever wondered what it’s like to travel on the Venice Simplon-Orient-Express?

Five (EXCITING) new destinations for Ponant in 2021

Ponant Cruises has released a veritable plethora of new destinations for 2021. Here are 5 that we just love.

What’s the latest at the Poles?

Heidi Sarna from finds out whats happening in our Polar Regions.

What did you think of… Windstar’s Star Legend

Find out what Mr and Mrs Bowen thought of Windstar’s Star Legend on their trip to Japan.