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Stories of the Blues

The legend of Robert Johnson – blues musician and how he got his talent.

Nickel & Diming in New Orleans

If you’ve got a bit of free time in New Orleans, we’ve got a few free ideas of things to do…

American Queen Steamboat Company announces their 2022 program

American Queen Steamboat Company announces it’s new 2022 program!

Getting ships past Niagara Falls to the Great Lakes – how is it done?

Just HOW do ships pass from Lake Ontario to Lake Erie without going over Niagara Falls?

Gumbo, Bourbon Street & Mardi Gras – New Orleans in the Spotlight

New Orleans is one of America’s most iconic and well-known cities. From it’s famous mardi gras to a unique cuisine all it’s own, we recommend you stay another day in this Louisiana city.

Tootin’ a horn for Chicago

Windy in more ways than one, Illinois’ Chicago is a hub for what is happening in the States…

Why the Great Lakes are just plain Great.

From ghost towns to giant monsters, The Great Lakes of North America are big, deep and full of tall tales…

From Cherry Lemonade to Fiery Volcanoes – Five Reasons to Visit the Columbia River.

Illegal lollypops! Here are some interesting tidbits about the Columbia River in America’s Pacific North West…