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Connecting to people and place in Iceland and Greenland

Amy van den Berg tells us all about her trip to Iceland and Greenland with Adventure Canada.

Newfoundland in Autumn

Discover Newfoundland through the eyes of master photographer, Dennis Minty.

Five Fun Facts About the Kimberley, Australia

DREAMS ARE FREEAs you know, we are determined to keep dreaming about the trips we want to do (even during covid-19).  Dreams are free after all.  So, here are some fun facts from this magical land. 1. LOTS OF LIQUID: The Kimberley receives quite a lot of rainfall each year (about 950 mm on average), […]

The World’s Richest Marine Wildlife Park – Triton Bay

Triton Bay is a hidden treasure located on the remote, west coast of the island of New Guinea in Indonesia’s West Papua province.

The Awe-Inspiring Albatross

With wing-spans of nearly 4 metres and a life span of nearly 60 years, the mighty Albatross soars over the waves and our hearts.

Travel Insurance – affordable peace of mind

From lost luggage to emergency medical evacuations, we know that travel insurance is a must for any well-planned holiday.

All aboard the Christmas of a lifetime

Sick of cooking, cleaning and the rush that we call Christmas day but want to be with your family? Why not take them with you on an expedition cruise?

The Run Down on Reindeer

Reindeer or Caribou – whatever you call them they are more than Santa’s transport, they are a symbol of the Arctic.

Life as an Expedition Leader

Ever wondered what it’s like to lead an expedition cruise into the wild lands of the planet? Wonder no more…

The Little Known "Leopards" of the Sea

At up to 3.5 metres long, the Leopard Seal is an impressive apex predator that calls Antarctica home. Listen to it’s call and learn more about this beautiful creature here.