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Five Free Things to do in (and around) Perth

Perth, Western Australia – what a town! Here’s five free things to do in and around this wonderful city.

We wish we were in… Sydney!

We’ve done a lot of dreaming through Covid-19, and even places that seemed so easy to visit in the past have become out of reach for many of us – like Sydney – featured here…

We Wish We Were in… The Kimberley

Join us on a wistful journey to Australia’s northern realm – the Kimberley.

Five Fun Facts About the Kimberley, Australia

DREAMS ARE FREEAs you know, we are determined to keep dreaming about the trips we want to do (even during covid-19).  Dreams are free after all.  So, here are some fun facts from this magical land. 1. LOTS OF LIQUID: The Kimberley receives quite a lot of rainfall each year (about 950 mm on average), […]

Talking The Kimberley with Mick Fogg

We are BIG fans of Ponant’s Mick Fogg. And Mick is a BIG fan of Australia’s Kimberley. Find out why here…

The Expedition Diaries – Talbot Bay & Horizontal Falls, The Kimberley Australia

Getting horizontal at Talbot Bay’s Horizontal Falls is a ‘next level’ holiday experience…

Ted Talks – Kimberley Coastal Cruising

Get the low-down on the Kimberley with Ted Talks from