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What’s a “Kimberologist”

One of PONANT’s experts talking rocks with guests in the Kimberley – image: Nick Rains PONANT Cruises

by S.Patton



One who revels in the wonders of Australia’s far northern region known as The Kimberley and wants to pass on their enthusiasm for it to anyone who will listen.

Salt Water Crocodile, Kimberley, Australia – Image: Silversea Expeditions

What is a “Kimberologist”?

A Kimberologist loves nature.

Aerial view of the Hunter River, Kimberley, Australia – Image: Silversea Expeditions

Yes, a true Kimberologist revels in the outdoors. They are more at home scrambling over rocks up a Western Australian cliff than behind a desk, but one must earn a living mustn’t one? Especially is one wants to go the Kimberley as often as possible.

A Kimberologist digs rocks.

Guests heading into King George River – Image: Kimberley Quest

The Kimberologists in our office can stare at rocks for DAYS. They can wax lyrical on the gigantic red-hued stones that grace the walls of Talbot Bay. They’ll carry on about the huge bolders on Vansittart Bay. And don’t get them started about the amazing fossils that can be found there!

A Kimberologist wonders at wildlife.

Image: Silversea Expeditions

Get excited at the thought of crocs swimming past your zodiac? Want to tickle a mud-skipper on the shores of the Hunter River? Got your binoculars ready in-case you spot an eagle soaring past? Then you’ll understand how our Kimberologist feel when they visit the Kimberley.

A Kimberologist respects their elders.

Ancient Rock Art, Raft Point, The Kimberley

A true Kimberologist knows that the Kimberley is the ancient home of the first peoples of Australia and treats them and their lands with respect. The land that has nurtured generations deserves nothing less.

A Kimberologist feels the spirit of the land.

Kimberley Quest going for a nose dip, The Kimberley – Image: Kimberley Quest

Each of our Kimberologists has left a part of their soul in the far north – deposited there for the next time they return – knowing that it is safe in the cradle of Australia’s heart.

Horizontal Falls, The Kimberley – by Nick Rains – PONANT

Our team of avid “Kimberologists” are keen to assist you in finding your perfect Kimberley match. We understand the region, the ships and the cruise operators who call this fine area home and we know just how to make your trip to the Kimberley legendary. Talk to a Cruise Traveller Kimberologist today on: 1800 507 777