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Natchez your average port of call

Natchez used to have more millionaires per capita than any other city in the United States. Find out more about this port of call on American Duchess with our next installment by Laura and Karen.

Surprises at St Francisville

Spooks abound here!
Isn’t it nice when you discover a new port of call that you never knew could be so wonderful? Karen and Laura discover St Francisville on this latest installment on their re-discovery of 2019’s Mississippi River cruise aboard American Duchess.

A New Take on New Orleans

Where else can you buy your very own hand made voodoo doll? It’s New Orleans casting her magical spell over our Key Partnership Managers Laura and Karen.

A Day in the Deep South – Nottoway Plantation Discovered

Looking through the arched window at Nottoway Plantation back towards the American Duchess… We take you on a day trip to this port of call with our Key Partnership Managers Laura and Karen.

First Hand Review – Golden Horizon 2021

This article by Rebecca Barnes for the Jewish Chronicle in the UK is a personal account of the new ship, Golden Horizon by Tradewind Voyages. We were so impressed by her skills and story, that we’ve asked for special permission to publish her article here. We hope you enjoy it as much as we do.

Cruise review of PS Emmylou by Murray River Paddlesteamers

The whistle blows, the engine hisses, the paddles splish and splosh and you ever-so-gently and imperceptibly become part of the river’s mellow rhythm. Come join Andrew on a review of the PS Emmylou on the Murray River.

Cruise Review – Crystal Debussy

Take a trip on the Crystal Debussy with our Boutique Cruise Specialist, Kirsten as she road tests this river cruise for us.

Cruise Review – Royal Clipper

Julie takes us onboard the magnificent Royal Clipper – a review in her words.

Cruise Review – Silver Muse

If your only complaint is that it wasn’t long enough – then that’s pretty high praise. Rejana from our team reviews the Silver Muse.

Cruise Review – Kimberley Quest II

With only 18 guests, the Kimberley Quest II is a sensational, personal and wonderful experience. Find out about Del’s journey here.