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Cruise Review – Kimberley Quest II

The Kimberley Quest II
  • Cruise Line: Kimberley Quest
  • Size: Small Expedition
  • Name of Ship: Kimberley Quest II
  • Guest Capacity: 18
  • Cruised from: Broome, W.A, Australia
  • Cruised to: Broome, W.A, Australia
  • Name of Participant and role: Del Faragher, Boutique Voyage & Cruise Specialist, Cruise Traveller

What she promises:

To take your Breath Away

What she delivers:

A breathtaking exploration of the Kimberley

Overall experience:

I finally understood what all the fuss was about when it comes to the Kimberley.  The Kimberley Quest II was such a great way to discover the region, being a small vessel it felt like your own private boat and it became a very up close and personal experience.

What impressed me the most:

The effort the entire crew went to, to make sure that everyone had a memorable experience. 

Del enjoying the stunning scenery in the Kimberley

Accommodation impression:

Very comfortable cabins for the size of the vessel.  Personal water bottles and hats provided for each guest.  Mini bar and hairdryers also in cabins

Dining impression:

Great food offered everyday and tried to use fresh seafood where possible.  I was able to go out with the crew to set crab pots and then collect the catch before the crocs did.   Chef cooked them up that evening. Can’t get fresher than that.

Service impression:

Outstanding service

Del on an optional helicopter flight to Mitchell Falls

What is included in the fare:

Transfers, Meals, non alcoholic drinks, daily excursions

Currency on board: AUD

Shore experiences:

Our on board naturalist Tim Willing, was a walking Nat Geo Channel, over 30 years in the Kimberley, he was able to regale us with stories that you won’t read about in any book.  We were able to go out fishing, all tackle supplied on board.  Lots of walks to great places like Cascade Falls.  Ancient Rock Art, cooling off with swims in sate waterholes (no crocs in sight).  The highlight for me was the trip on to Montgomery Reef.  To see that reef rise out of the water around me was unforgettable.  But the best moment was my first ever helicopter trip (part of the package)  We flew in a light plane from Broome to Michell Plateau airstrip and then were transferred by Helicopter to the helipad of Kimberley Quest II.