Cruise Review – Royal Clipper – Cruise Traveller

Cruise Review – Royal Clipper

Julie aboard Royal Clipper in 2018
  • Cruise Line: Star Clippers
  • Size: 4,425 Tonnage
  • Name of Ship: Royal Clipper
  • Guest Capacity: 227
  • Cruised from: Cannes, France
  • Cruised to: Cannes, France
  • Name of Participant and role: Julie Donaldson, Key Partnership Manager, Cruise Traveller

What she promises:

Discover a new age of sail onboard a Star Clippers tall ship cruise, where the traditions of the past are combined with the modern comforts and amenities of the present. On board enjoy a relaxed atmosphere, friendly crew, and international cuisine.

What she delivers:

A unique sailing experience on a tall ship. She is modern and comfortable. Royal Clipper offers fantastic amenities such as, piano lounge, outside bar, marine platform, 3 pools, beautiful teak decks plus a spa and fitness room. Shore excursions are available.

Royal Clipper stateroom with modern nautical theme.

Overall experience:

I loved the experience of sailing on a tall ship and the uniqueness of the vessel. I enjoyed the international passengers onboard whilst sailing around the Mediterranean. one afternoon and watch a crew member sewing a sail on the deck. To enjoy the full tall ship experience you can climb the mast or lend a hand to hoisting the sails. She is beautiful and grand.

What impressed me the most:

She is much bigger is size and has so much more space than I thought. She is a beautiful and grand vessel. On our first night departing Cannes the crew hoist the sails and put on a light show. As we are sailing out of port, they play Vangelis – The Conquest of Paradise.  Such a powerful piece of music to depart with. A very magical experience.

“She is much bigger in size and has so much more space than I thought.” – Julie Donaldson on Royal Clipper

Accommodation impression:

Clean, with a modern nautical theme. Spacious for a sailing vessel. Plenty of storage space. Overhead reading lights plus a flat screen TV and DVD player. Hair dryer in the bathroom.

Dining impression:

The dining room is situated at the bottom of the 3-story atrium. With plenty of light. The room is spacious and spit level. There is a buffet for breakfast and lunch and la carte for dinner. The food was just as good as any cruise line that I’ve sailed on.  No dress code.

Service impression:

Service is friendly and attentive.

Main dining room – Royal Clipper

What is included in the fare:

Your cruise, meals and water activities are included in your cruise fare.

Currency on board: Euros

Shore experiences:

We usually tendered to a port. The towns were authentic and easy to walk around. Exploring the local markets, enjoying a coffee or lunch ashore and going for a swim. I took 1 organised shore excursion from Star Clipper and that was from Calvi, Corsica to a village in the mountains.  Well organised and a great way to see some of the countryside.