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A day in Alaska with Victory Cruise Lines

Imagine what just one day in Alaska would look like. You can make the day as active as you would like with kayaking, hiking, and zodiac exploration…

Five Fun Facts About the Kimberley, Australia

DREAMS ARE FREEAs you know, we are determined to keep dreaming about the trips we want to do (even during covid-19).  Dreams are free after all.  So, here are some fun facts from this magical land. 1. LOTS OF LIQUID: The Kimberley receives quite a lot of rainfall each year (about 950 mm on average), […]

Getting ‘Puffed’ up about Puffins

Symbol of the north, the puffin is a prolific fisherman and dedicated parent..

Five Free Things to do in Auckland

Continuing on in our quest for activities you can do for a song (or less), here are some lovely things you can do in Auckland New Zealand next time you are in town…

The Awe-Inspiring Albatross

With wing-spans of nearly 4 metres and a life span of nearly 60 years, the mighty Albatross soars over the waves and our hearts.

Do you know your North American bears?

You may not know, that not all black bears are black and not all grizzlies are “grizzled” – so here is a little run down on the bears of North America.

What's brilliant about Beavers

Did you know that the amazing beaver may be able to help reverse some of the affects of climate change?

The Run Down on Reindeer

Reindeer or Caribou – whatever you call them they are more than Santa’s transport, they are a symbol of the Arctic.

The Little Known "Leopards" of the Sea

At up to 3.5 metres long, the Leopard Seal is an impressive apex predator that calls Antarctica home. Listen to it’s call and learn more about this beautiful creature here.

Stereotyped Killer Whales or Friendly Orcas?

Friend or foe?
The magnificent orca defies all labels…