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What to Pack on your next UnCruise Adventure

Ten things to take with you on your next UnCruise Adventure holiday!

Get More from your NZ trip

Arriving at Macquarie Island in New Zealand’s SubAntarctics is certainly an event….

Ocean Victory Begins Alaska Season 2022

American Queen Voyages – famous for its paddlewheeler river cruises – launched its first expedition ship this month, with the new, luxury, 186-guest Ocean Victory debuting in Alaska to offer a season of 11 and 12-day deep-nature adventures from May to October this year and also in 2023 and 2024.

Quietly, Gently, Slowly – Le Commandant Charcot and our Poles

Discovering our precious poles via eco-friendly, state of the art, kind to the environment ship sound like your thing? May we present: Le Commandant Charcot

The Antarctic by Luxury Polar Explorer

Ponant’s new ship Le Commandant Charcot is the way forward for expedition cruising with nurturing our planet and promoting awareness front of mind on these two exceptional Antarctic trips.

The Arctic by Luxury Ice Explorer

If you like your ships kind on the planet and as tough as a walrus, then let us introduce you to Ponant’s new ship Le Commandant Charcot and two exclusive Arctic offers.

Celebrate the Kimberley

Let’s celebrate the Kimberley!

Cruise Traveller – coming to a Cinema near you…

We’ve turned our love of eco travel and Australia into a brand new cinema ad! Check it out here…

Living the Dream – Life as a Travel Photographer.

If you’re like us, you dream about travelling the world, taking pictures of incredible places as your JOB. What an amazing way to earn a crust! Our friends at Heritage Expeditions have interviewed renowned Russian travel photographer and blogger, Sergey Dolya, so that we can learn more about his amazing trips.

Have you got ‘Kimberley Dreams’?

Dreaming of the Kimberley in 2023?
We don’t blame you…