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Heading Northwest in 2023?

If the Arctic is on your bucket list, then this limited offer by Adventure Canada is sure to tick that box for you.

Victory Cruise Lines Releases Their New Alaska Promotional Video

Victory Cruise Lines have just released an amazing promotional video showcasing their newest ship – Ocean Victory and her home region – Alaska. We loved the video so much, we have featured highlights from it.

Cruise Review – Adventure Canada – Greenland & Wild Labrador

Ever wondered what the Arctic is like? Wonder no more, here’s our latest cruise review all about Greenland and Arctic Canada.

Connecting to people and place in Iceland and Greenland

Amy van den Berg tells us all about her trip to Iceland and Greenland with Adventure Canada.

Newfoundland in Autumn

Discover Newfoundland through the eyes of master photographer, Dennis Minty.

Life as an Expedition Leader

Ever wondered what it’s like to lead an expedition cruise into the wild lands of the planet? Wonder no more…

What Penguin is That?

The portly feathered friends we know as penguins come in many shapes and sizes, get the low-down on the Penguins of the Sub Antarctic Islands here.

Adventure Canada Testimonials

We could go on and on about Adventure Canada.

But we will leave that up to their guests…

Mad about Madagascar

If you’ve never considered Madagascar as a destination before, then here is why it is on our ‘to-do’ list. Maybe you can add it to yours…

Ten Reasons to Choose an Expedition Cruise

Ten big reasons to make your next cruise an EXPEDITION…