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Cocktails of the World – Part one

We’ll be starting off our Cocktails of the World series with 3 classic flavours from France, the USA and Cambodia – stay tuned for great recipes to take your taste buds around the world (even when you can’t).

Cruise Review – ms Jahan on the Mekong

Bet you didn’t expect the ms Jahan to be quite so lovely either!

The Mekong Diaries – Angkor Ban, Cambodia

Travelling the Mekong River with ms Jahan, discovering the traditional village of Angkor Ban is a real joy…

The Mekong Diaries – Apsara Dance

A trip to Phnom Penh ended with an Apsara dance performance on the ms Jahan which prompted this little blog…

The Mekong Diaries – Phnom Penh

Cambodia’s capital city Phnom Penh is one of those destinations that fills you with equal parts horror from the past and hope for the future…

CAMBODIA – Angkor Complex

Taking up a massive 400 square kilometres, the complex of Angkor is one of the world’s true historical treasures. In this series, we explore UNESCO World Heritage Sites of the world.

Media: Star Clippers adds new ports

Exciting new ports of call for the Star Clipper fleet – A story from our friends at