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Cruise Review – ms Jahan on the Mekong

ms Jahan at anchor, Mekong River 2018

What she promises:

From the Heritage Line website: Discover the bygone elegance of travel aboard the majestic Jahan. Just as Indian art and architecture influenced the Khmer and Cham cultures in the Mekong Delta, the stunning artistry of The Jahan will inspire you, as will the delta’s vibrant beauty.

What she delivers:

More, I was so impressed with my deluxe stateroom. It had a four poster teak queen bed with plenty of room to walk around it.  A dressing room area, a good sized balcony and massive bathroom – even bigger than at home.  Everything was beautifully and tastefully decorated – this is exactly what I mean now when I say “boutique”.

Deluxe Cabin’s four poster bed, MS Jahan

Overall experience:

I loved this trip and this little ship.  The shore excursions were interesting and varied. I loved meeting the local kids and travelling on the highway of Asia – the Mekong.  Our ship was just so lovely, I would happily go again.

What impressed me the most:

The ship. I think from the outside, you can’t really tell just how lovely it is.

MS Jahan’s beautiful pool

Accommodation impression:

Fantastic, even the lead in priced cabins are lovely and so spacious.

Dining impression:

Absolutely delicious, 5-star all the way. Never hungry and everything so beautifully presented.

A little love served with dinner onboard the MS Jahan

Service impression:

Wonderful.  The team onboard and off-shore are all very attentive.

MS Jahan’s fabulous top deck bar and lounge

What is included in the fare:

Meals, accommodation, all shore activities and each day a small gift in your cabin (ie, hat, water bottle, scarf etc)

Currency on board: USD

An enthusiastic sing-a-long at Kampong Tralach Green School – shore excursion on ms Jahan in Cambodia

Shore experiences:

We did everything from chatting with Cambodian school children, to riding an ox cart through rice paddies.  There were tuk tuk rides, and morning visits to floating markets and fish farms.  We were guided through museums and palaces and generally nothing was ever left to chance.  We did have a bit of free time but I was very happy to enjoy my lovely little ship.

MS Jahan’s forward games room and lounge – a secluded oasis