Cruise Review – Crystal Debussy – Cruise Traveller

Cruise Review – Crystal Debussy

Kirsten enjoying the Christmas Markets with Crystal Debussy in 2018
  • Cruise Line: Crystal River Cruises
  • Size: 5000 gt & 135m/443ft
  • Name of Ship: Crystal Debussy
  • Guest Capacity: 106
  • Cruised from: Amsterdam, Netherlands
  • Cruised to: Amsterdam, Netherlands
  • Name of Participant and role: Kirsten Wise, Boutique Voyage & Cruise Specialist, Cruise Traveller

What she promises:

According to their website: Six-star service, all inclusive, all-suite luxury.

What she delivers:

Refined, seamless onboard service, luxurious suites with butler service, delicious food – an absolute 6-star experience.

Crystal Debussy with Christmas decorations – image: K Wise.

Overall experience:

This was a Christmas Market-focused cruise so each town we visited had their own festive atmosphere. Whilst the ship is gorgeous & very luxurious, the onboard service is warm & genuine. There was entertainment each night in the Palm Court which was decorated with a Christmas theme. You could get away with not spending any extra money on this cruise as it was all inclusive (meals, drinks, gratuities, shore excursions, wi-fi).

There’s nothing like Christmas time in Europe…

What impressed me the most:

The service. Once you’ve cruised with Crystal you become ‘Crystalised’ and they really set the benchmark for superb attention to detail & genuine hospitality. I loved everything about this cruise and would absolutely want to travel with Crystal again.

Crystal Debussy at dock in Dusseldorf – image: K. Wise.

Accommodation impression:

Modern, bright but cosy. The best bed I’ve ever slept in, lots of quality bathroom amenities. Our cabin became a little sanctuary we enjoyed it so much and it was lovely to lie in bed cruising past little towns with their Christmas lights and trees all lit up.

“The best bed I’ve ever slept in” – Crystal Debussy’s Petite Suite

Dining impression:

Divine! Waterside Restaurant has an extensive buffet for breakfast & lunch – you can also order off the menu if you wish. At night they offer ala carte with lots of delicious options to choose from. We probably ate too much on this cruise to be honest, everything was so good.

Dessert is served!

Service impression:

The best service I’ve had at sea.

Kirsten Wise, Cruise Traveller

What is included in the fare:

Arrival & departure transfers (when travelling on embark/d’bark dates), all meals, beverages, gratuities, shore excursions (premium excursions available at an extra cost), Wi-Fi.

Currency on board: Euros

Another jam-packed market stall celebrating Christmas tidings.

Shore experiences:

They have complimentary excursions included every day and there are premium tours you can book at an extra cost. The included tours we did were well organised, quality tour leaders and very interesting/educational.

Safety briefing with complimentary champagne – now that’s being ‘Crystalised’