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Cocktails of the World – Part one

We’ll be starting off our Cocktails of the World series with 3 classic flavours from France, the USA and Cambodia – stay tuned for great recipes to take your taste buds around the world (even when you can’t).

Five Free things to do in Paris

The best things in life are free, especially when you are in gay Pareee….

Pont du Gard, France – UNESCO world heritage sites

France’s Pont du Gard once carried water over 50km at a gradient of less than 1cm – more on this wonder of ancient Roman engineering here.

Basque-ing in the Culture

Secret food clubs? Sign us up!
Read about the fascinating region of the Basque Country right here.

French Gastronomy on the High Seas

French cruise line, PONANT, provides an edible tribute to the region of Provence.