What did you think of… Star Clipper – Cruise Traveller

What did you think of… Star Clipper

In this series, we ask members of our team to give us their opinion of a cruise, on which, they have recently participated. We spend tens of thousands of dollars each year in sending our team members away on our preferred products, so they will have first hand knowledge to help you choose the perfect cruise experience…

Here are three quick questions we posed to Kylie Tocco, our Marketing Coordinator, after she returned from an expedition cruise onboard Star Clipper throughout Asia.

Question 1: You recently cruised with Star Clipper while she was in Asia. What stood out the most about your experience?

Answer: Star Clipper was just gorgeous. I actually have 2 things that stood out! I loved when we climbed onto the large nets strung across the bow. It was thrilling to be lying there as you sail along! The second was most nights as we were sailing from one port to go to the next the guests could pull the ropes to lift the sails and they played “Vangelis – Conquest of paradise” in the background, it’s really amazing to watch. There was a slight breeze blowing and everyone was chatting on deck with a cocktail after an enjoyable day exploring or snorkeling.

Question 2: Star Clipper is known for their unique style of cruising. Did you think you would enjoy this and if you did, what confirmed that opinion?

Answer: It was a completely different style to what I have ever experienced but I absolutely fell in love with it. It was a really relaxing but also fun!

Question 3: Would you travel again on Star Clippers and, if you could take anyone with you (Celebrity or other), who would that be?

Answer: There is no doubt I would love to travel again with Star Clippers, and the Mediterranean would be my pick so you could get up close to those gorgeous ports. If I could take anyone, I would take my fiancé Jared to share the experience with. It felt like it had a romantic element to it but it would be just as enjoyable by yourself or with your friends!

Images by Kylie Tocco