What did you think of…. Le Soleal & the Russian Far East – Cruise Traveller

What did you think of…. Le Soleal & the Russian Far East

In this series for Facebook, we ask members of our team to give us their opinion of a cruise, on which, they have recently participated. We spend tens of thousands of dollars each year in sending our team members away on our preferred products, so they will have first hand knowledge to help you choose the perfect cruise experience.

Here are three quick questions we posed to Del Faragher, our Boutique Voyage & Cruise Specialist, after she returned from an expedition cruise onboard Le Soleal by Ponant Cruises in Russia’s Far East.

Question 1: You recently cruised with Ponant’s Le Soleal while she was in Russia’s Far East. What stood out the most about your experience?

Answer: The standouts were, the itinerary, the volcanoes, the wildlife and of course, the service on board. I thought it was outstanding.

Question 2: Ponant are known for their combination of luxury with adventure when expedition cruising. Can you give us an example of an instance where you received this?

Answer: My best example for adventure and luxury was when we arrived at the magical Kuril Islands, the crew had arrived earlier to set up on the beach so we were greeted with French Champagne and Macaroons.

Question 3: Would you travel again on Ponant and, if you could take anyone with you (Celebrity or other), who would that be?

Answer: Would 100% travel with them again, who would I take????? Why Chris Hemsworth of course, but if he’s not available, then Fred (Del’s husband) would have to do!

Images: courtesy of D. Faragher