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We Wish We Were in… The Kimberley

As you know, we are determined to keep dreaming about the trips we want to do (even during covid-19).  Dreams are free after all.  Sadly, some of our Kimberley 2020 season has been cancelled this year due to the current restrictions and because we all value the health and well-being of all guests and crew. But, continuing on this week we are still turning our eyes north to our beloved Kimberley region of Australia because there is always next year!

Many of our team have visited this spiritual place (some more than once), so we’d like to share with you why we wish all of you could be there right now (with us of course)


1. EYE CANDY:  There are lots of photogenic places in the world, but The Kimberley is always ready to model for you.  She glows in the early morning sun.  She is fiery red in the evening dusk.  And her pristine water is a natural reflection against towering cliffs of ancient stone. We’d put down the camera (eventually) and just drink it all in.

2. SOUL SIGHING:  This land is straight out of the dreamtime. We wish we were listening to the land as it whispers to us of a time long ago.  The soul of The Kimberley permeates the rocks and rivers. It ripples over the native flowers and shouts from rock art of the caves.  To be in The Kimberley is to be at peace with the world.

3. WILDLY FREE:  From the nobbled noses of a salt water crocodile, to the elusive rock wallabies that nimbly traverse the cliffs, The Kimberley has been home to all sorts of critters since the dawn of time. We’d love to be spotting a ‘saltie’ or watching mud-skippers busy themselves on a creek bank.  To see birds soaring over head or catching a glimpse of a sea turtle as it comes up for air.  These are the things that make life worth living.

4. WATER WONDERS:  With not one but two of the world’s most unique tidal wonders, The Kimberley must be a bucket list ticker really.  We wish we were in a speed boat flying through the narrow necks of the Horizontal Falls in Talbot bay, or watching Montgomery Reef rise up out of the ocean as green sea turtles and sting rays capitalize on their breakfast. What an amazing way to spend a day.

5. BUSH SHOWER:  Wouldn’t it be superb to stand at the bow of True North as she dips her nose in a Kimberley waterfall one day?  Fresh, clean and completely invigorated.  We wish we were wet and full of wonder like these folks below.

Just the thought of visiting The Kimberley brings a tear to our eye.  Moving and magical in equal parts, we’ll be dreaming about this heavenly place tonight.  We hope you do too…

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