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Introducing the PONANT Foundation

In 2018 Ponant Cruises created the PONANT Foundation, to preserve the oceans and the polar regions and to encourage exchanges between peoples. Here is a little video on the foundation and their aims and goals.

Conserving the Oceans

The seas represent the largest ecosystem on the planet and are essential for life on Earth. They represent almost 70% of the oxygen we breathe and absorb more than 30% of C02 emmissions. The PONANT Foundation will support innovations to help protect the oceans and waterways of our planet into the future.

Protecting the Poles

The Poles keep the planet balanced; they regulate the Earth’s climate and slow down the warming of the oceans. THe PONANT Foundation will dedicate resources to the acquisition of scientific knowledge to help preserve these regions.

Bringing People Together

Our cultural heritages are important in promoting unity an appreciation for each other. The PONANT Foundation is committed to promoting, safeguarding, protecting and enriching cultural heritage.

Download a brochure on the PONANT Foundation HERE

Images: Polar bears by Servane Roy Berton for Studio Ponant on Leopold Island, Inuit woman by Nathalie Michele for Studio Ponant, Ocean picture by Olivier Anrigo for Ponant of Le Laperouse in Indonesia.