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Yes! We have a vending machine for that.

Vending Machine Japan by Rene Vlak Pixabay

Japan is perhaps one of the most interesting countries in the world. While the traditions of old are thoroughly entrenched, the Japanese embrace new technology and convenience with lightening speed. The Japanese are famous for their ingenuity, and when it comes to vending machines, there is nothing, big or small, hot or cold, strange or routine – that cannot be inserted into one of these bad boys. Here are some of the more unusual coin-operated curiosities.

Bananas Baby!

Banana Vending Machine – Shibuya – by James Hadfield

The hottest craze in 2010 must have been health food, because this bananas ONLY vending machine was sold out on it’s first day in Shibuya, Japan. Anything to avoid the chit-chat at the green-grocer’s checkout right?

Trash or Treasure

King’s Treasure Box vending machine – Image by Vasconium

This is a King’s Treasure Box vending machine, where for a measly 1000 yen (about $15 AUD), you can press a button and get a ‘surprise’. Your surprise could be anything from a dollar-store bit of kitsch to a Nintendo 3DS (current value about AU $230). Nothing like getting the kids started early on the gambling habit of a lifetime…

Beer o’clock?

Beer vending machine by Toby Oxborrow

No in-your-face flashing lights. No over-crowded shelves with products jam-packed in and jostling for your attention. It’s just beer, beer for breakfast, beer for lunch and beer for dinner. This would be perfect at the average Australian barbeque where beer is the key ingredient followed by meat and of course, sauce.

Get your ‘casual’ hot food here:

Hot food vending machine in Nichirei – by David McKelvey Wikicommons

From only 350 Yen you can be munching on some hot chips or add in a hot dog for only 420 Yen more. And it’s OK, you don’t have to commit – it’s casual baby. Revolutionary we say, revolutionary!

A Gasha what?

Gashapon vending machines – image by DocChewBacca

Toys by the thousands in Gashapon (or Gachapon) machines here. Apparently, the name comes from the sound the crank makes when you turn it: Gacha and Pon for the toy that comes out. And we thought the checkout at the supermarket was hard enough with a toddler…

No More Nappies?

All your baby supplies in one place – by se7en Wikicommons

Consumers of every age are catered for in Japan. Who knows when you may need to do an emergency nappy run in the middle of the day (or night). Then, my friend, you will thank your lucky stars for this magical machine!

The Not-So Convenient Vending Machine

Image by Daniel Axelson

Why would you stick a machine out the woods on a lonely highway with no-one else around? What would you like to buy without anyone knowing about it or seeing you?

Oh that…

Wax and Wash

Do not consume! These are car wash supplies – by Dick Thomas Johnson Wikicommons

Now, I don’t know about you, but the ONLY give away as to the contents of these bottles is the tire on the bottom one second from the left. Could be a close call. Just saying.

Holy Crepe!

Image by Karl Baron Wikicommons

This one is impressive – for sure. There is nothing we like better than a freshly made Crepe. Assume that the liquid in the cups is the batter. Hope you don’t just buy the batter and then have to go find a vending machine to cook it with…

If you have an interesting vending machine you have discovered on your journey to Japan, we’d love to see it! – Please send it to us at: and we may add it to our list.

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