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Purpose-built ships led by an expedition team of expert naturalists and guides. Explore Antarctica on the ultimate luxury expedition of a lifetime.

Sail along the continent’s incredible coasts, admire its unique wildlife — from king penguins to whales — and navigate through immaculate white scenery, where icebergs glimmer and shine.

Where is it?

Antarctica is Earth’s southernmost continent. Situated almost entirely south of the Antarctic Circle and surrounded by the Southern Ocean, it contains the geographic South Pole.

Antarctica is the fifth-largest continent, being nearly twice the size of Australia, and has an area of 14,200,000 km2 (5,500,000 sq mi). Most of Antarctica is covered by ice, with average thickness of 1.9 km.

“If Antarctica were music it would be Mozart. Art, and it would be Michelangelo. Literature, and it would be Shakespeare. And yet it is something even greater; the only place on earth that is still as it should be. May we never tame it.”

Andrew Denton.

A dusky sunset at South Georgia – image – PONANT Cruises

How many penguin species are there?

There are 17 species of penguin on the planet, but the eight you’ll most likely recognize live in Antarctica, its nearby islands, and the sub-Antarctic archipelagos of South Georgia and the Falklands. These are the core species we tend to see on our expedition cruises.

Of these eight types of penguin, two live exclusively on the Antarctic Continent (emperor penguins and Adélie penguins), three live in both northern Antarctica and the sub-Antarctic islands (chinstraps, macaronis, and gentoos), and three species of penguin reside exclusively in the sub-Antarctic (rockhoppers, Megallanics, and kings).

(source:Oceanwide Expeditions)

Other incredible wildlife

As well as different species of penguins, search for humpback whales, Weddell seals, Antarctic seals, Cormorant, Orcas, or Wandering Albatross just to name a few.

Polar activities

Each cruise line varies in their inclusions, however you can generally experience:

  • Hiking and Snowshoeing
  • Shore landings and daily zodiac rides
  • Participative science
  • Kayaking
  • A polar plunge!
  • Watch the wildlife
  • Camping (additional cost)

What to wear?

The best clothing is a layered system with an outer layer that is waterproof. The air between the layers provides additional insulation.

  • Base Layer – Thermal underwear and a pair of thermal socks.
  • Mid Layer – Pants (wool is ideal), a light cotton shirt, and a wool sweater.
  • Outer Layer – Waterproof pants and a waterproof jacket
  • Shoes – Sturdy walking shoes or sneakers with a good grip sole for the slippery deck, and rubber boots.

Source: Polar Latitudes. Image: PONANT

Find the perfect Antarctica cruise line


264 -270 guests

October – March

PONANT offers 5 luxurious ships to Antarctica including; L’Austral, Le Boreal, Le Lyrial, Le Soleal and Le Commandant Charcot.

PONANT’s latest addition to the fleet, Le Commandant Charcot – the very first luxury hybrid electric polar exploration ship powered by liquified natural gas, is the epitome of responsible and sustainable sailing. 

With stylish small ships, delicious cuisine and knowledgeable crew, a PONANT Antarctic cruise is an adventure with style.


254-296 guests

November – March

A big place needs a small ship. Set sail with Silversea to the white continent and discover why size really does matter.

Why take an Antarctica Luxury Cruise with Silversea? Because it’s the adventure of a lifetime in the least visited place on earth. Because their fleet of intimate expedition ships takes you so far off the beaten track, there is no track. Because they have made luxury all-inclusive cruising to Antarctica into an art form.


118-139 guests

November – February


Polar expedition cruising is what they love to do. The Polar Regions are not only where they travel, they are also why they travel.

Polar Latitudes deliver a small ship experience that offers a more close-up, personal, and often life-changing engagement with the land and wildlife around us.
They embrace a spirit of improvisation and childlike wonder as they seek out unique opportunities, whenever and wherever Antarctica offers them.


140 guests

January – February

Sometimes referred to as ‘the heart of Antarctica’, the Ross Sea region is the last great unspoiled part of the world’s oceans. The East Antarctic coastline is some of the most remote in the world and is locked under ice for most of the year.

Wildlife is abundant during these brief summer months and includes Adélie and Emperor penguins, South Polar Skuas, Snow Petrels, Southern Fulmars and many more species of bird. Both whales and seals abound here at this time and can be found feeding in the rich waters around the ice edge.


67-73 guests

November – March

Antarctica21 operates Fly & Cruise Expeditions to Antarctica and Sea Voyages to Cape Horn, the Falkland Islands (Islas Malvinas), South Georgia & Antarctica.

Their trips are boutique wilderness adventures taking you to Antarctica and beyond. Enjoy small ship experiences that allow you time to explore our remote destinations.


250-528 guests

November – March

Hurtigruten Expeditions have  sailed these polar waters for over 20 years. Their expedition ships combine hybrid technology with a premium onboard experience, designed for your safety and comfort.

Go ashore and on small boat cruises to discover charming wildlife and spectacular frozen landscapes – from snowy mountains to icebergs and glaciers.


100-174 guests

November – March

Set out on an Oceanwide Expeditions Antarctica cruise and experience the outermost edge of human exploration.

Oceanwide’s Antarctic cruises immerse you fully in the incomparable terrain of Antarctica, introducing you to a diverse host of animals while also engaging you in exhilarating expedition cruise activities like kayaking, hiking, mountaineering, scuba diving, and even camping.


189 guests

November – March

With a true passion for active exploration, Albatros Expeditions offer unique, innovative, and educational expedition voyages to the polar regions.

Their expedition voyages to the Antarctic region, are all designed to engage your heart, mind, and spirit through the duration of the journey.


126-160 guests

November – March

Embark on an expedition cruise to some of the most remote coastal regions in the world on an Antarctic cruise, and experience nature at its most pristine.

Get close to the water and gaze into the iridescent blue heart of an iceberg on a Zodiac cruise. Sit quietly on a beach as a waddle of proud king penguins parades right past. Explore the windswept remnants of bygone eras in some of the most inaccessible places on earth.


132 guests

October – February

Ready for the adventure of a lifetime? Massive, magnificent, and unforgiving, Antarctica is a continent of superlatives that will leave your mind searching for words to describe it. Each day presents a new discovery, whether you’re cruising through ice-choked waterways, trekking through chattering penguin rookeries, or catching minkes and humpbacks breaching in the pristine waters.

G Expedition will steer you closer to some of our planet’s most amazing places, their professional and highly-skilled team of on-board experts offer keen insight, unique perspectives, and hands-on attention not found in a guidebook. 


117-199 guests

November – March

Quark Expeditions has been one of the leading innovators and operators of expedition cruises, especially in polar regions, since 1991. The company has pioneered and developed a concept of fantastically adventurous journeys in first class comfort on powerful, polar icebreakers.

Quark Expeditions explore the Polar Regions differently from everyone else. When you travel with them, you’re exploring alongside the most seasoned polar experts on Earth, setting foot where few ever will, and doing what few ever dream. 


126-148 guests

November – March

For over 50 years, Lindblad Expeditions has been turning vacationers into informed and engaged explorers.

It is a privilege to visit Antarctica, one of the planet’s most pristine places, and to this privilege National Geographic EnduranceNational Geographic Resolution, and National Geographic Explorer add the luxury of comfort—a quality of shipboard life and a philosophy of wellness designed to relax and rejuvenate body, mind, and spirit.

G Adventures Antarctica packages- Fly, Expedition Cruise & Stay 2024

Penguin Palooza

22 nights

10 Jan – 1 Feb 2024

From $35,365* pp, twin share

Experience vast penguin rookeries and seal colonies on this awe-inspiring voyage to Antarctica, South Georgia, and the Falkland Islands. This 21-day voyage illuminates Ernest Shackleton`s legend and recounts his courageous exploration of Antarctica. You`ll visit historical sites of past explorers, as well as Shackleton`s final resting place – the wildlife-rich island of South Georgia. Antarctica is beyond comprehension and sure to amaze any traveller seeking a true adventure to the world`s most remote wilderness.

At Earth’s end and on to Antarctica!

21 nights

20 Jan – 10 Feb 2024

From $25,975* pp, twin share

Your package includes: return economy class airfare from Sydney,
Brisbane or Melbourne to South America, 1 night pre & 1 night post cruise hotel stays in Buenos Aires, 10 night small group Patagonia tour from El Calafate to Ushuaia including guide, 1 night pre-cruise hotel stay in Ushuaia with transfers,9 night Antarctic expedition cruise aboard G Expedition by G Adventures including all meals, all off-ship excursions on land and zodiac lead by a team of experts.

On to Antarctica!

12 nights

29 Jan – 10 Feb 2024

From $20,495* pp, twin share

Your packages includes: return economy class airfare from Sydney, Brisbane or Melbourne to Ushuaia via Buenos Aires in both directions, 1 night pre and 1 night post cruise hotel stays in Buenos Aires with breakfast and transfers,1 night Ushuaia hotel stay with breakfast and transfers, 9 night Antarctic expedition cruise aboard G Expedition by G Adventures including all meals, all off-ship excursions on land and zodiac lead by a team of experts, port taxes.

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