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Discovering the world – in comfort

nicko cruises are celebrating 30 years of cruising in 2022.

The ocean fleet of World Voyager and Vasco da Gama are currently (or will shortly be) sailing the waters from the Caribbean to the Arctic. With a maximum of 200 guests, the World Voyager is a modern expedition ship with casual elegance, the prevailing style onboard. While the Vasco da Gama, with 1000 guests, is a little larger and caters well to multi-generational families, couples and singles alike.

Once nicko only catered to it’s German clientele. Now, a range of departure dates have bi-lingual English and German speaking operations – which is the focus here and on our site.

nicko cruises offer great value, award-winning service and interesting itineraries to their guests, showing you the world, in small but fine ships.

Sustaining our World

World Voyager has been designed with protection of our planet in mind. Many years of research and development have gone into the planning of this expedition vessel.

The ship can maintain position without dropping anchors on precious reefs. It boasts innovative engine technology with two different drive systems: electronic & diesel.

When travelling at a leisurely pace, the World Voyage can shift to eco-mode, which uses just one of the two main engines to drive the ship’s propellers, thus saving fuel. In calm bodies of water, the small ship glides along almost silently and with extremely low emissions – powered only by its electric motor.

There are innovations in the pump jets that reduce underwater noise pollution and also saves around 20% on fuel consumption.

On board the World Voyager a SCR catalytic converter reduces the emission of nitrogen oxide by up to 95% – incredible!

Waste reycling on board is done using a micro auto gasification system reducing carbon based waste on a week long cruise to the equivalent of one basket of laundry. Plus!, the gas created during the process is also used as an energy source.

Aboard the Vasco da Gama, an innovative wastewater treatment system meets the latest international and local standards. The underwater coating of the ship itself is environmentally friendly which does not release toxins into the sea.

The Vasco da Gama’s paint even saves around 6% on fuel consumption!

To Eat is to Live

nicko cruises promises to deliver joy to your taste buds as they nurture your body with healthy, delicious food options as you travel.

Whether it be a light lunch at the poolside cafe to a formal a-la-carte dinner at our superb restaurant, your Nicko Cruises culinary experience allows you to sample our wares in a variety of locations onboard.

Eat as little or as much as you want, knowing it’s all been prepared by master chefs, to the highest quality.

Ways to Save with nicko cruises

Book Early!

Ask the friendly team at Cruise Traveller about current early booking savings on your chosen fare. The earlier you book, the greater your savings.

Book in Multiples!

When you book two consecutive cruises on the same ship, you can save up to 10% on your second cruise fare.*

Affordable Shore Excursions

On nicko cruises ocean cruise, you may choose to experience one of their exciting shore excursions as a highlight of your holiday.

From ancient Mayan pyramids to hikes around breathtaking Norwegian fjords, there’s an activity to suit all tastes and budgets.

Aboard the expedition vessel, World Voyager there’s even included zodiac excursions with experts onboard to enhance your off-ship experience.

With extended layovers in many ports of call, there’s always time for you to wander and discover on your own.*

Add on a Drink or Two

nicko cruises allow for pre-purchasing beverage packages to help you save even more. There are two levels of drinks packages – Classic and Premium.

For EUR 29 per person per day the Classic Beverage Package includes*:
• House wine by the glass (white, rose and red)
• Sparkling house wine by the glass
• Draft and bottled beers, non-alcoholic beer
• All non-alcoholic cocktails and house beverages
• Aperitifs (eg Aperol Spritz/orange, Campari soda/orange etc)
• Natural mineral water
• All coffee specialties (alcohol-free)
• Hot chocolate and an assortment of teas

The Premium Beverage Package includes all in the Classic Beverage Package plus cocktails, premium spirits and liqueurs from just EUR 49 per person per day.*

Mediterranean Cruises

The Mediterranean offers something for everybody. History buffs can immerse themselves in museums, cobbled streets and ancient monoliths. Culture enthusiasts find a different heritage and discovery around every corner, and nature lovers are swept away by the natural beauty that abounds…

A Sample of nicko’s Mediterranean Cruises

Crete & Cyclades

Valletta to Athens

7 Nights Cruise Only

26th Mar 2023

Fares start from

EU 999*pp

Look forward to colourful island experiences in the eastern Mediterranean.

Greek dream destinations such as Crete, Santorini or Mykonos provide a holiday feeling in paradisiacal surroundings. The turquoise Aegean glitters in the sun and white houses with colorful shutters adorn the rocky coasts. Learn about the history of ancient Greece at numerous excavation sites. The Palace of Knossos and Olympia are world famous and still delight their visitors today. Richly decorated churches and cathedrals bear witness to the deep Orthodox faith of the Greeks.

Bella Italia!

Rome to Marseilles

7 Nights Cruise Only

6th May 2023

Fares start from

EU 1099*pp

Starting in Rome, several historic metropolises are on the timetable.

The influential families of the Renaissance city of Florence, the Tuscan city of Pisa and the fashion city of Milan have shaped the cityscape for centuries and built impressive palaces and churches. But also the gems along the coasts will inspire you: Around Sardinia and Elba, the water is as clear and blue-green as otherwise only in the Caribbean. The five small villages of the Cinque Terre consist of colourful houses clinging to steep cliffs. Finally, discover the flair of the French Riviera in Nice.

Iberian Peninsula Cruise

Lisbon to Malaga

7 Nights Cruise Only

5th Nov 2022

Fares start from

EU 999*pp

Thanks to extended layover times and three overnight stays, you will have plenty of time during your trip to discover the traditional and lively cities along the route.

At the beginning of your trip, the Portuguese capital convinces with a balanced mix of culture, history and cuisine. Also in the cozy coastal town of Portimao a wine tasting should not be missing! Andalusian flair can be enjoyed in the port city of Cadiz, which is almost surrounded by the sea, while Tangier will enchant you with oriental flair. From Malaga, head to the world-famous Alhambra.

North Africa & Atlantic Islands Cruises

Encompassing the deserts of north Africa to the volcanic landscapes of the Azores and Canary Islands, destinations in this part of the Atlantic offer new discoveries to the intrepid traveller.

A Sample of nicko’s North Africa & Atlantic Island Cruises

Crater Lakes & Steep Coasts

Tenerife to Funchal

12 Nights Cruise Only

4th May 2023

Fares start from

EU 3989*pp

Get to know eight of the nine islands of the Azores archipelago on this unforgettable cruise.

From Ponta Delgada, the capital city of the island of Sao Miguel, you will go to the imposing crater lake Lagoa do Fogo and the enchanting waterfall Caldeira Velha. At the Furnas Lake, the traditional stew Cozido is cooked over volcano steam. The best way to see Flores` impressive 90-metre-high Poço do Bacalhau waterfalls is on a hike across the island. The little island of Pico is the perfect departure point for a boat trip, during which you can observe whales and dolphins in their natural habitat.

Canary Islands In Depth

Tenerife to Tenerife

7 Nights Cruise Only

29th October 2022

Fares start from

EU 2199*pp

On this cruise you will get to know the variety the Canary Islands have to offer.

First, you will make a detour from Tenerife to the small island of La Palma, where you can enjoy a round trip and taste fine wine. El Hierro is the smallest inhabited island, which is best explored on a hike. The panoramic trip across La Gomera with its deep green forests and steep mountains is delightful. Fuerteventura and Lanzarote will also impress you with their bizarre countryside landscape. Visit an Aloe Vera plantation and enjoy tasting the local cheese varieties. A wonderful voyage of discovery for all the senses.

The Fascination of the Azores

Funchal to Funchal

11 Nights Cruise Only

16th May 2023

Fares start from

EU 4299*pp

Discover the highlights of the Azores on this 12-day cruise from/to Madeira.

A panoramic trip with a visit to a former volcano vent is ideal for getting to know the Azores island Graciosa. It is a UNESCO-protected biosphere reserve and captivates with wild nature and a distinctive cave system. During a dinner ashore you can taste, for example, the typical fish stew of the island. On Sao Jorge, you will find further culinary delights on a visit to a cheese dairy. Round off your Azores journey with a Jeep safari across the sunny island of Santa Maria.

Norwegian Fjord Cruises

Norwegians are rightly proud of their beautiful country. Carved from stone and polished with ice, the Norwegian Fjords should be on everyone’s bucket list.

A Sample of nicko’s Norwegian Fjord Cruises

Through the Fjords to the North Cape

Bremerhaven to Hamburg

14 Nights Cruise-Only

26th June 2023

Fares start from

EU 5879*pp

This journey takes you to the northernmost tip of the European continent.

From Bremerhaven you will travel to Bergen with its famous Mount Floyen, as well as its traditional merchant quarter and fish market. From there the route takes you to the imposing Geirangerfjord, past picture-perfect waterfalls. Cruising the Norwegian inner passage is another high point of this journey. Past the Lofoten Islands you continue northwards. You cross the Arctic Circle and then reach your destination. At the North Cape there is a special natural spectacle from May to July: the sun shines 24 hours a day.

Spectacular Fjords Cruise

Kiel to Kiel

14 Nights Cruise-Only

28th Jul 2022

Fares start from

EU 5899*pp

This journey takes you to the northernmost tip of the European continent.

From Kiel you will travel to Bergen with its famous Mount Floyen, as well as its traditional merchant quarter and fish market. From there the route takes you to the famous Geirangerfjord, past picture-perfect waterfalls. It is, of course, a UNESCO World Heritage Site and is right at the top of the list of the most impressive fjords. Past the Lofoten Islands you continue northwards. You cross the Arctic Circle and then reach your destination. At the North Cape there is a special natural spectacle from May to July: The sun shines 24 hours a day. Cruising the Norwegian inner passage is
another high point of this journey

Other Destinations

United Kingdom & Ireland Cruises

Don your best wellies and join nicko cruises on a trip to the UK and Ireland. Longer stays, mean more to discover on these small islands, jam-packed with great monuments, incredible history and delightful people.

Arctic Cruises

Heading north into the land of the polar bear and walrus is a dream come true.

Discover more of the Arctic aboard a nicko cruise next year.

Caribbean Cruises

Travelling across the Caribbean Sea discovering exotic sandy oasis couldn’t be easier with nicko cruises.

Baltic & Scandinavia Cruises

From Denmark to Russia, the Baltic Sea holds more treasures than you thought.

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