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Think of that moment when you arrive in a destination for the first time with the singular purpose of experiencing something new. Feel the flutter of anticipation that builds into wonder as you lay eyes on unfathomable beauty, set foot upon lands that few have touched, taste a delectable flavour you never knew existed or meet the locals who are passionate about sharing their culture with you. These are the moments you experience on an expedition aboard an intimate yacht with Atlas Ocean Voyages.

Travel aboard one of their sleek and intimate yachts: 198-passenger WORLD VOYAGER , WORLD TRAVELLER  or WORLD NAVIGATOR and immerse yourself in captivating destinations.


When you choose the Atlas experience, you choose expeditions aboard an intimate yacht where thoughtful details are carefully considered and always included.

Please note that comprehensive insurance is mandatory and not included.

Expeditions For Every Season

With Atlas Ocean Voyages, there’s an adventure for every explorer all year-round to explore from pole to pole. For
the intrepid explorer who thrives on a challenge, their Polar Expeditions come closer to the most remote corners of the
world, including expeditions to the High Arctic of Svalbard and Greenland, Antarctica and Patagonia and the Falklands.

For explorers passionate about art, architecture, folklore and connecting with local communities, their Cultural Expeditions take you to captivating corners of South America, the Caribbean and Northern Europe, as well as on Transoceanic expeditions. For the culinary connoisseurs who want to delve into a destination’s culture of cuisine and wine, they offer Epicurean Expeditions in the Mediterranean. There’s more than one way to explore the world.

Social Spaces & Lounges

Relish a satisfying experience with FREE open bars and lounges, including 24-hour bar service with specialty canapés, that are always included. Get to know your fellow explorers with FREE champagne and gourmet canapés during a meet and greet.

ZEPHYR LOUNGE (pictured left)

When it’s time to set sail, settle into a cozy couch on the aft deck at the Zephyr Lounge. As you enjoy a glass of wine or after-dinner coffee, watch the scenic coastline diminish on the horizon.


Your culinary adventures on board rival your discoveries ashore, as their well-travelled chefs take inspiration from a wide array of global cuisines when creating their ever-changing menus. And like your shoreside travels, your culinary exploration on board is designed to engage all of the senses. Relaxed and unhurried, each meal on board becomes another memorable experience to savor with friends. And it’s all always included, FREE.

The vision for Atlas Ocean Voyages was conceived in Portugal, so their elegant main restaurants pay homage to that heritage with Madeira aboard World Voyager, Lisboa aboard World Traveller and Porto aboard World Navigator.

Guest Enrichment & Engagement

Atlas Ocean Voyages provides an exceptional curation of special guest speakers and lecturers to keep you engaged throughout your journey. Seminars and demonstrations from experts in their fields pique your interest at the yacht’s auditorium.


After an inspiring day of exploring, the luxurious comfort of your suite or stateroom offers the perfect place to unwind and relax. All accommodations include plush bedding, a marble spa bath and a spacious living room or sitting area.

Take in a final view of the seascape from the comfort of your balcony or from your panoramic window before retiring for the evening. Awaken fully refreshed and begin your day by pouring yourself a cup of Nespresso Coffee or Kusmi Tea and indulging in lavish L’OCCITANE amenities.

Atlas Ocean Voyages bring you closer to wildlife, navigate hidden coves and dock steps away from iconic city centers.

Atlas Destinations:



Northern Europe

Become immersed in one of the most remote regions of the world. As your Captains expertly navigate amid the icebergs, glaciers and ice floes, they bring you up close and personal to incredible wildlife and otherworldly landscapes. Conquer the Drake Passage and find a moment of reverence in the pristine environment of Antarctica.

Go where few have gone on an expedition to Antarctica. Experience deeper connections with fellow explorers and the environment in this remarkable destination.

A rich, contrasting landscape invites you and your fellow explorers to engage in an invigorating hike or find a moment of serenity on a Zodiac safari, experiencing a one-of-a-kind adventure together. As you enter the kingdom of the polar bear, look for this extraordinary animal, known as pisugtooq, “the eternal wanderers,” by the Inuit, the original inhabitants of Greenland and other Arctic regions. Every moment is guided by an expert expedition team that offers their knowledge to help you connect with the world around you, from the wildlife to the pristine lands to your newfound friends.

Historic destinations like London, Edinburgh and Dublin call out to you to explore their rich past. Lesser-known gems of the Isles of Scilly, Isles of Lewis and other destinations throughout the United Kingdom beckon you to discover their ancient past and marvel at their natural wonders. The majesty of the Norwegian Fjords inspires a sense of awe as you gaze upon their lush beauty. From local pubs to woodland trails to stunning gardens and beyond, Northern Europe contains plenty of scenescapes rife for exploration.

Iceland & Greenland


South America

Delve into the majesty of the largest island in the world, exploring Greenland’s breathtaking fjords and possibly even its renowned national park. Admire camera-ready landscapes, like the rock pillars and cliffs of Vopnafjörður, Iceland, filled with scenes that often resemble different creatures. A contrast of glaciers, lush landscapes, volcanoes, geysers and hot springs are perfect for extraordinary new discoveries.

Follow the sun as you travel through UNESCO highlights, historic ruins and pristine beaches. As our intimate yachts navigate remote coves of the Greek Isles, the Italian and French Rivieras, Spain, Portugal and other destinations of the Mediterranean, enjoy FREE use of marina water toys directly from the yacht to experience your world up close. Embark on Epicurean Expeditions, exploring vibrant cultures through culinary and wine adventures.

Fulfill your wanderlust on routes to vibrant destinations alive with diversity and breathtaking panoramas. Immerse yourself in colourful cultures, indulge in savory cuisine and wine, or simply relax on warm, sandy beaches. Dance the samba on the beach of Ipanema or trek up to the iconic Christ the Redeemer statue in Rio de Janeiro. Enter the domain of King Neptune as you cross the Equator. Marvel at the incredible wildlife of Puerto Madryn and Islas Vernaci. Explore the glaciers of Patagonia and the Chilean Fjords.



Patagonia & The Falklands

Delve into the majesty of the largest island in the world, exploring Greenland’s breathtaking fjords and for the explorer who enjoys the adventure of the open seas, these journeys were created just for you. Leisurely voyages crossing oceans provide the time to fully enjoy an ambiance of relaxed luxury, highly personalized service and the always-included amenities of your yacht. Along the way, immerse yourself in the vibrant cultures and histories of captivating destinations. Stopping in Praia, gain insight into Cape Verde’s European and African history at the UNESCO-listed capital Cidade Velha. Explore the rugged coasts, volcanoes and crater lakes of the Azores Islands. Traverse the UNESCO Biosphere Reserves of the Canary Islands.

Follow the sun as you travel through UNESCO highlights, historic ruins and pristine beaches. As our intimate yachts navigate remote coves of the Greek Isles, the Italian and French Rivieras, Spain, Portugal and other destinations of the Mediterranean, enjoy FREE use of marina water toys directly from the yacht to experience your world up close. Embark on Epicurean Expeditions, exploring vibrant cultures through culinary and wine adventures.While the Caribbean may often be associated with sunny beaches and tropical getaways, there’s more than meets the eye. This is a region rich in culture with a mix of influences that come to life with rhythmic beats, delicious cuisine, and a history that combines European exploration and indigenous traditions.

Explore the Valdes Peninsula Nature Reserve, designated as a UNESCO World Heritage Site for being one of the world’s prime whale migration hotspots. Amid the Falkland Islands, also known as the Islas Malvinas, you’re sure to find a variety of wildlife like Magellanic penguins, sea lions, elephant seals and dolphins. The spectacular glacial vistas of the Chilean Fjords will inspire a sense of awe and wonder as you take a life-changing journey. Zodiac safaris will bring you closer to extraordinary scenes of flora, fauna and magnificent landscapes.

Intimate Yachts


Experience extraordinary Antarctica to the fullest and in the shortest amount of time aboard their newest yacht, World Voyager . Spend more time exploring the Antarctic Peninsula by flying over the Drake Passage one way and still lay claim to the iconic experience of sailing the other direction with our NEW Drake Express options. Or, if you’re an intrepid explorer, you can still conquer the famed Drake Passage both ways with all Ushuaia Roundtrip expeditions.


Experience an expedition aboard an intimate yacht that encompasses our signature style of relaxed luxury, highly personalized service and immersive destination experiences with a distinguishing and timeless Italian design inspired by La Dolce Vita.


Explore your world intimately on a yacht designed with elegance over opulence in mind. With an interior design that marries a 1940s steamship aesthetic with modern sensibilities, she is modern with a classic touch.

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