Nicolette Spencer – Cruise Traveller
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Nicolette Spencer

Guest Services & Documentation

Nicolette kicked off her 12 year Retail Travel Career with Flight Centre after returning home to the Gold Coast from working and living abroad in Canada, Scotland & Ireland. Nicolette started with Cruise Traveller in 2015. Nicolette does a terrific job delivering guests services including travel documentation, flights and brightening everyone’s day.

Nicolette – Nothing like a sunset whilst sailing on the Pacific Ocean selfie 

Countries Visited

France, Spain, Italy, UK, Ireland, Canada, Tahiti, Singapore, Japan, Vietnam, Thailand, Malaysia, China, Hong Kong, Macau, Brunei, Indonesia, South Africa, UAE, Mexico, USA, Hawaii, Fiji, Vanuatu & New Zealand.

Favourite Destination

Dublin, Ireland – Hands-down because of The People, The Culture, The Story Telling, The History, The Landscape, The Accent… and The Pure ‘Craic’