Shadow, ex San Juan to Ft Lauderdale
Cruise Line Silversea Cruises
Ship Silver Shadow
Destination Caribbean
Nights 14
Departure Date 04 Dec 2020
Description 14 Night Cruise sailing from San Juan to Ft Lauderdale onboard Silver Shadow.

The beauty of a Caribbean cruise is that no two islands are the same. Certainly, they are all ringed by golden beaches and azure seas, but the energy, history and traditions are very different from one place to the next. Who knew of the 18th century sugar-plantation past of Nevis? Or that Admiral Nelson was stationed in Grand Turk in 1783? Join us to discover a Caribbean beyond sun, sea and sand.

Highlights of this cruise:

San Juan, Puerto Rico
If you associate Puerto Rico's capital with the colonial streets of Old San Juan, then you know only part of the picture. San Juan is a major metropolis, radiating out from the bay on the Atlantic Ocean that was discovered by Juan Ponce de León. More than a third of the island's nearly 4 million citizens proudly call themselves sanjuaneros. The city may be rooted in the past, but it has its eye on the future. Locals go about their business surrounded by colonial architecture and towering modern structures.

Spanish Town, British Virgin Islands
Virgin Gorda, or "Fat Virgin," received its name from Christopher Columbus. The explorer envisioned the island as a pregnant woman in a languid recline, with Gorda Peak being her belly and the boulders of the Baths as her toes. Different in topography from Tortola, with an arid landscape covered with scrub brush and cactus, the pace of life is slower here, too. Goats and cattle own the right of way, and the unpretentious friendliness of the people is winning. The top sight (and beach for that matter) is the Baths, which draws scores of cruise-ship passengers and day-trippers to its giant boulders and grottoes that form a perfect snorkeling environment.

Fort-De-France, Martinique
The largest of the Windward Islands, Martinique is 4,261 mi (6,817 km) from Paris, but its spirit and language are decidedly French, with more than a soupçon of West Indian spice. Tangible, edible evidence of the fact is the island's cuisine, a superb blend of French and creole. Martinique is lushly landscaped with tropical flowers. Trees bend under the weight of fruits such as mangoes, papayas, lemons, limes, and bright-red West Indian cherries. Acres of banana plantations, pineapple fields, and waving sugarcane stretch to the horizon. The towering mountains and verdant rain forest in the north lure hikers, while underwater sights and sunken treasures attract snorkelers and scuba divers. Martinique is also wonderful if your idea of exercise is turning over every 10 minutes to get an even tan and your taste in adventure runs to duty-free shopping.

Scarborough, Trinidad and Tobago
Together, the islands of Trinidad and Tobago make up a state and as such are an independent member of the British Commonwealth. Located just off the coast of Venezuela, both islands are excellent getaways offering different attractions. While Trinidad pulses with life, the smaller and unspoiled island of Tobago is the place for a restful and relaxing holiday. Most of its appeal lies in the beautiful scenery and the availability of outdoor activities. The tourist area is concentrated on the southwestern end, about six miles from the island’s capital of Scarborough. The recently completed deep water harbor with its new cruise terminal has helped to spruce up the town a bit. Although not warranting an extended visit, Scarborough features interesting Botanic Gardens, a few historical buildings and the well-maintained Fort King George, located above the town.

Bequia Island, Saint Vincent and the Grenadines
Bequia is a Carib word meaning "island of the cloud." Hilly and green with several golden-sand beaches, Bequia is 9 miles (14½ km) south of St. Vincent's southwestern shore; with a population of 5,000, it's the largest of the Grenadines. Although boatbuilding, whaling, and fishing have been the predominant industries here for generations, sailing has now become almost synonymous with Bequia. Admiralty Bay is a favored anchorage for both privately owned and chartered yachts. Lodgings range from comfortable resorts and villas to cozy West Indian—style inns. Bequia's airport and the frequent ferry service from St. Vincent make this a favorite destination for day-trippers, as well. The ferry docks in Port Elizabeth, a tiny town with waterfront bars, restaurants, and shops where you can buy handmade souvenirs—including the exquisitely detailed model sailboats that are a famous Bequia export.

St. John's, Antigua and Barbuda
Antigua's capital, with some 45,000 inhabitants (approximately half the island's population), lies at sea level at the inland end of a sheltered northwestern bay. Although it has seen better days, a couple of notable historic sights and some good waterfront shopping areas make it worth a visit. At the far south end of town, where Market Street forks into Valley and All Saints roads, haggling goes on every Friday and Saturday, when locals jam the Public Market to buy and sell fruits, vegetables, fish, and spices. Ask before you aim a camera; your subject may expect a tip. This is old-time Caribbean shopping, a jambalaya of sights, sounds, and smells.

Grand Turk, Turks and Caicos Islands
Just 7 miles (11 km) long and a little more than 1 mile (1½ km) wide, this island, the capital and seat of the Turks and Caicos government, has been a longtime favorite destination for divers eager to explore the 7,000-foot-deep pristine coral walls that drop down only 300 yards out to sea. On shore, the tiny, quiet island is home to white-sand beaches, the National Museum, and a small population of wild horses and donkeys, which leisurely meander past the white-walled courtyards, pretty churches, and bougainvillea-covered colonial inns on their daily commute into town. But things aren't entirely sleepy: a cruise-ship complex at the southern end of the island brings about 600,000 visitors per year. That said, the dock is self-contained and is about 3 miles (5 km) from the tranquil, small hotels of Cockburn Town, Pillory Beach, and the Ridge and far from most of the western-shore dive sites.

Ft Lauderdale, Florida, USA
Like many southeast Florida neighbors, Fort Lauderdale has long been revitalizing. In a state where gaudy tourist zones often stand aloof from workaday downtowns, Fort Lauderdale exhibits consistency at both ends of the 2-mile Las Olas corridor. The sparkling look results from upgrades both downtown and on the beachfront. Matching the downtown's innovative arts district, cafés, and boutiques is an equally inventive beach area, with hotels, cafés, and shops facing an undeveloped shoreline, and new resort-style hotels replacing faded icons of yesteryear.
Sailing Dates
  • 04 Dec 2020

Cruise Itinerary

1 04/12 San Juan, Puerto Rico 11:00 PM
1 04/12 San Juan, Puerto Rico 06:00 PM
2 05/12 British Virgin Islands 08:00 AM 06:00 PM
2 05/12 Basseterre, St Kitts & Nevis 09:00 AM 06:00 PM
3 06/12 Charlestown, St Kitts & Nevis 08:00 AM 06:00 PM
3 06/12 Castries, St Lucia 09:00 AM 06:00 PM
4 07/12 Forte de France, Martinique 08:00 AM 11:00 PM
4 07/12 St Georges, Grenada 08:00 AM 05:00 PM
5 08/12 Mayreau, St Vincent & The Grenadines 08:00 AM 06:00 PM
6 09/12 Anguilla, British Leeward Islands 08:00 AM 07:00 PM
6 09/12 Scarborough, Trinidad & Tobago 08:00 AM 07:00 PM
7 10/12 Road Town, British Virgin Islands 08:00 AM 02:00 PM
7 10/12 St Georges, Grenada 08:00 AM 10:00 PM
8 11/12 La Romana, Dominican Republic 09:00 AM 06:00 PM
8 11/12 Bequia, St Vincent & The Grenadines 08:00 AM 01:00 PM
9 12/12 At sea    
10 13/12 At sea    
11 14/12 Ft Lauderdale (Pt Everglades), USA 08:00 AM
9 12/12 Gustavia, St Barts 09:00 AM 11:00 PM
10 13/12 St Johns, Antigua & Barbuda 08:00 AM 06:00 PM
11 14/12 Road Town, British Virgin Islands 08:00 AM 06:00 PM
12 15/12 At sea    
13 16/12 Grand Turk, Turks & Caicos 08:00 AM 05:00 PM
14 17/12 At sea    
15 18/12 Ft Lauderdale (Pt Everglades), USA 07:00 AM
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