Antarctica Itineraries

Journey Below The Antarctic Circle - Departs 17th Jan 2019 One Ocean Expeditions

This journey takes us further south than any of our other voyages, hopefully all the way to 66 degrees, 33’ minutes south of latitude, which officially marks the position of the Antarctic Circle.

Date: 17–30 Jan 2019

Ship: RCGS Resolute

US $15,795

Along the way we will witness expansive landscapes, huge Adelie penguin rookeries, and hopefully the large tabular icebergs that have drifted north from the Bellingshausen Sea. We will be surrounded by white peaks soaring more than 2,000 meters above the ice-strewn waters. After hopefully crossing the Antarctic Circle we will return north along the heavily glaciated coastline of the Antarctic Peninsula, passing through the Argentine, Fish and Yalour Island archipelagos and into the Gerlache Strait region.

13 nights From US $15,795 per person, twin share

Antarctica Peninsula Explorer - 12 Nights - 28nov18 & 17feb19 Departures

This new itinerary encompasses two additional days of exploration in Antarctica – without adding to the total length of the voyage.

Date: 17 Feb–01 Mar 2019

Ship: RCGS Resolute

US $14,495

While travelling along the shorelines of Antarctica, We visit many of the classic landing locations along the Antarctica Peninsula such as Paradise Harbour, Neko Harbour and the Errera Channel. In the company of our expert guides, we spend our days exploring in small groups, by zodiac boat and on shore, enjoying walks and hikes to scenic locations and visiting busy wildlife colonies. Sea kayaking and overnight camping are also popular activities on this itinerary.

12 nights From US $14,495 per person, twin share

Antarctica Peninsula Adventure - Departs 10dec18, 01mar, 11mar, 21mar 2019

New Ship RCGS Resolute - the ice class is Lloyds 1AS. This is the highest ice class of any passenger ship in the world.

Dates: 01–11 Mar, 11–21 Mar, 21–31 Mar 2019

Ship: RCGS Resolute

US $12,195

This Antarctic cruise explores the Antarctic Peninsula over a period of 10 nights/11 days. A classic itinerary for whale watching, seabird viewing, visiting penguin colonies and experiencing zodiac excursions in Antarctica. Camping in Antarctica is included.

10 nights From US $12,195 per person, twin share

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