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What did you think of… Peregrine Dalmatia

In this series, we ask members of our team to give us their opinion of a cruise, on which, they have recently participated. We spend tens of thousands of dollars each year in sending our team members away on our preferred products, so they will have first hand knowledge to help you choose the right experience just for you. Here are three quick questions we posed to Karen Revell, our Key Partnership Manager, after she returned from a recent Peregrine Dalmatia trip to Croatia.

Question 1: You recently cruised with Peregrine Dalmatia while she was in Croatia. What stood out the most about your experience?

Answer: Hard to pin point to just one thing that stood out. I would have to say that the following stood out: 1) the size of the vessel, enabling us to be berthed right next to the town and not having to spend time sitting on a bus getting into the village. 2) the small number of people enabled us to get to know everyone very quickly – and also get to know the crew – they became part of our group. 3) The excursions that were included – which also includes being able to swim off the back of the boat and also use the kayaks.

Question 2: Peregrine are known for their included sightseeing. Can you give us an example of an excursion which really impressed you?

Answer: All of the shore excursions were extremely memorable. I think because they had local guides who had the enthusiasm and also knowledge of the local area and were able to give us first hand experiences of life in that particular village/town. Also swimming off the back of the boat was AWESOME! 😊

Question 3: Would you travel again on Peregrine and, if you could take anyone with you (Celebrity or other), who would that be?

Answer: Absolutely I would travel on Peregrine again (in fact looking at their Asia programme for later in the year 😊). I would take my husband next time – but if he couldn’t – and if George Clooney wasn’t available – then maybe one of my gorgeous girlfriends 😊

Images owned by and courtesy of K.Revell

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