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The Best Small ships for… Croatia

The best small ships for Croatia

by S.Patton – Product Manager, Cruise Traveller

The azure blue meandering waterways of the Dalmatia Coast lend themselves to small ships in a unique way. Not only are the some of the ports hard to reach for large ships, many are downright impossible! Here is our list of the best small ships in Croatia for 2019/2020 (in no particular order)

1. Peregrine Adventure Cruises

This adventure tour company has chartered some of the Variety ships for their 2019/2020 sailings and added their own special twist to include shore activities in many ports of call.

  • Suits ages: 45-75
  • Average size: 30-40 guests
  • Dates: April to September
  • Prices start from approximately: AU $3380 ppts
  • Our favourite itinerary: CROATIA’S NORTH COAST AND ISLANDS
The best pool you can find on any cruise ship is right next door when you are in Croatia

2. Ponant

The sexy French Ponant ships are beautiful inside and out. Whilst not as small as some of the others listed here, the inclusion of an open bar and more entertainment onboard make them well worth a look in.

  • Suits ages: 45 – 80
  • Average size: 180-260 guests
  • Dates: May to October
  • Cruise only prices start from approximately: AU $4560 ppts
  • Our favourite itinerary: VINTAGE RAIL & AEGEAN SAIL
Ponant ship at anchor in Hvar

3. Star Clippers

For the real sailors out there, there is nothing like cruising the coastline of Croatia aboard a tall ship with mighty sails billowing out atop. For those who aren’t quite so ‘salty’, this is still a wonderfully unique way to see the wonders of Croatia.

  • Suits ages: 20-70
  • Average size: up to 227 guests
  • Dates: June to September
  • Prices start from approximately: AU $3400 ppts
  • Our favourite itinerary: CROATIA & MONTENEGRO CRUISE
Royal Clipper anchored at Kotor, Montenegro

4. Katarina Line

This brand is probably one of the smallest in passenger numbers per ship and is also one of the lowest in price with less inclusions generally speaking. Katarina has different levels of inclusions catering to all levels from the budget conscious to more discerning traveller.

Young, alive and free and heading out to the crystal waters of Croatia with Katarina Line

5. Azamara Club Cruises

The baby of the Royal Caribbean brand’s portfolio, Azamara Quest, Journey and Pursuit host 710 guests on jaunts to the Adriatic region. While they are the biggest in this list, to many people, any ship under 900 guests is considered small – so we have included it here. Many cruises are punctuated by 1 and 2 night stays in various ports, Azamara has a growing number of devotees and offers all the extras of the big ship brands like casinos and shows.

  • Suits ages: 45-90
  • Average size: 710 guests
  • Dates: May – October
  • Prices start from approximately: AU $3965 ppts
  • Our favourite itinerary: ADRIATIC PASSAGE
Azamara guests enjoying al Fresco dining in the Mediterranean

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