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From Cherry Lemonade to Fiery Volcanoes – Five Reasons to Visit the Columbia River.

The Columbia River is of the most beautiful waterways in North America. From her source in the Canadian Rockies, this huge river is home to small communities and spectacular scenery. To truly appreciate these majestic rivers, we recommend a cruise on American Queen Steamboat’s American Empress. Here are some interesting tidbits about the river, that you may learn along the way…

One: Get your Goonies on.

Astoria, Oregon – a port of call on the American Empress’s river cruise is the place where the mighty Columbia River empties into the Pacific Ocean. It is also famous as the place where the 80’s children’s classic movie, The Goonies, was shot in and around.

Two: The OTHER Vancouver is pretty cool too…

According to The Atlantic, Vancouver (Washington State USA) is listed as being the 10th most peaceful metropolitan region in the United States – tied with Portland, Oregon. Quirky almost obsolete laws in the town used to keep you from buying meat of any kind on Sundays and also banned all lollipops. Thank goodness those ‘wild west’ days are gone!

Three: Helen is one fiery lady

Not far from The Stevenson, Washington State is the very fiery volcano of Mount St Helens. The most notable eruption during our lifetime was on the 18th of May 1980 where 2 months worth of earthquakes culminated in a massive eruption which caused mudslides that reached as far as the Columbia River 80km to the Southwest. Hundreds of square miles where levels and 57 people lost their lives in this example of nature’s raw power.

Mt St Helens erupting in 1980 by Austin Post – Wikicommons

Four: Cherry Pie

Oregon’s The Dalles on the Columbia River has a walking route called the ‘Cherry Trail‘ where, you can try delicacies like Cherry Pie, Cherry Cinnamon Rolls, Back Forest Cream Cheese Pie, Chocolate Cherry Scones, Cherry Almond Cake, Cherry Lemonade or Cherry Mocha. There is glass cherry ornaments to buy a whole load of cherry-themed fun. Plus, in April each year the annual Cherry Festival takes place.

Five: Wowsa waterfalls

On a premium excursion (surcharge applies) on the American Empress from The Stevenson port of call, you can visit the stunning Multnomah Falls in Oregon. This double-drop waterfall is a total of 189 metres high with an average flow rate of 150 cubic feet per second. The original peoples of the land, the Multnomah, have a beautiful and tragic story about the falls. You can read it HERE

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