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Five Fun Facts About the Kimberley, Australia

As you know, we are determined to keep dreaming about the trips we want to do (even during covid-19).  Dreams are free after all.  So, here are some fun facts from this magical land.

1. LOTS OF LIQUID: The Kimberley receives quite a lot of rainfall each year (about 950 mm on average), but it is all concentrated in the months of January and February with the months of June to September seeing almost none.  So that means that the closer to April or May that you travel to the Kimberley, the greater your chances of seeing waterfalls like this shot of King George Falls in April below…

2. BIGGER THAN BLIGHTY:  Merry ol’ England is a grand 130,395 square kilometres, while the Kimberley is a massive 420,000 square kilometres. So at almost 3 times the size and not including the Kimberley Marine Park just off the coast with a further 74,469 sq kms, we’re talking BIG peoples.

3. ROOM TO ROAM:  About 40,000 people live in the Kimberley region, that means that on average there is one person per 10kms (roughly).  The average Kimberlian is only 28 years old though – although people have lived in this region for around 40,000 years (give or take a decade).

4. COUNTING THE CROCS:  Studies in the Kimberley Marine Park have estimated that since the protection of the Salt Water Crocodile in 1970, numbers have steadily increased. Numbers in the Ord River have climbed from 20 to nearly 150 along the 40km stretch.  So no dangling your toes in the water folks.

5. WHENS THE WHALES:  You don’t always think of the Kimberley when you think of whale watching, but it is one of the best places in the world for Humpback spotting.  Which just goes to prove that there’s just about as much to see in and on the water as there is on the land in The Kimberley.  Whales migrate through the region every August and September. We have even spotted turtles, nurse sharks and sting rays in the clean waters of Australia’s north.

Here ends our little fun and trivia to help brighten your day!  We hope you are enjoying our “arm-chair” travel as much as we are and that you and yours are safe and well.
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