Beautiful Bruge, Belgium – Cruise Traveller

Beautiful Bruge, Belgium

Reads Author: S.Patton, Product Manager – Cruise Traveller

Cobblestone streets, meandering canals, pretty stone houses … am I talking about Venice? No, but it is called the ‘Venice of the North’. We are talking of course about Bruge in Belgium.

Without a doubt, Bruge is at it’s most peaceful before the 10am crowds rush in from the trains, rivers and bus trips, so if you can get there early, a breakfast Belgian Waffle is mandatory.

There are chocolate shops, fine beer establishments and fascinating history to enjoy. One of the best things about Bruge is the lack of modern phone lines, wires, cables etc that could take away from the authenticity of the city, you really feel like you are stepping back in time.

Bruge town square

What’s not to love? For a full description of our trip to Bruge, see the video link below

These photographs and video are the property of S.Patton. Taken May 2017 in Bruge, Belgium during an excursion on a Riviera Travel River Cruise.

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