Five Reasons Trains & Cruises just go together

Video: Belmond Trains – Venice Simplon-Orient-Express

Travelling by train is not just for rail enthusiasts, just as travelling by cruise ship is not just for sailors. Quite often, you can enjoy both – together! Here is our list of why you will love cruising if you are a train buff or love rail if you are a cruise-bunny.

1. You Unpack Once

It’s just so nice to hang up your clothes and stow away that enormous suitcase for the duration of your trip. OK, OK, if you have a cruise and a train you will need to unpack twice – but you get it – everything is just easier, when you aren’t changing hotels each day or two.

2. It’s all about HOW you get there

When you cruise, you are choosing a means of transport that is equally (and in some cases MORE) important as the destination. So it’s not just where you go, but how you get there. Enjoying a white glove afternoon tea as rice paddies stream past your window just enhances your train trip. In this way cruises and trains both focus on the onboard experience.

Enjoying a personal breakfast delivery on the Venice Simplon-Orient-Express train

3. Effortless travel

Isn’t it nice to go to bed and wake up fresh as a daisy, in a brand new place, ready to discover? Both trains and cruises bring the world to you, rather than dragging you to the world.

Waking up fresh, ready for a new day, on Peregrine Dalmatia

4. Getting to know you…

Making new friends is a huge part of the enjoyment on any holiday. Travelling by train or cruise ship allows you the luxury of proximity to new people from all over the world. Having patchy internet also helps keep those who struggle to ‘unplug’ in the ‘here and now’ an opportunity to engage.

Image: Regent Seven Seas Cruises – New friends, new cities and new foods – travel’s “Big Three”

5. Pace and peace

You can’t get there any faster, there’s no point in rushing. Take time to smell the roses, read a book, just relax. Train travel and cruise ships are all about letting you unwind and leave your timetable behind…

Taking some ‘you’ time on Ponant Cruises

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Author: S.Patton, Product Manager, Cruise Traveller