Expedition to Wrangel Island and Chukchi Peninsula

29 Jul - 13 Aug 2014

Nome to Nome 

Even if you have travelled to the extremes of the earth, you will be treading new ground on this expedition premiere with the HANSEATIC. Set course for the Chukchi Peninsula and its unknown coasts to the east and north – for some intensive wildlife observations and exciting insights into the lives of the indigenous people. Your expeditionary experiences intensify still further as the ship first heads towards the legendary Wrangel Island. A Russian prohibited zone for many decades and scarcely accessible even today due to the icy conditions, this is true pioneering territory in the most magnificent natural setting.

17 days From USD$8,525 per person, twin share

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SPECIAL OFFER: No surcharge for single travellers in Categories 2-5.

Expedition to Cape Verde

11 - 25 Oct 2014

From Madeira to Dakar.

Discover the most beautiful range of islands in the Atlantic – seemingly forgotten by the outside world. Cape Verde reveals a landscape of fascinating contrasts: fine beaches, rugged volcanic craters, barren wastelands, lush woodlands – enriched by the cultural treasures of colonial times and characterised by African joie de vivre. An insider’s tip for active explorers in search of unspoilt originality.

15 days From USD$7,260 per person, twin share

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Antarctica Expedition

22 Jan - 09 Feb 2015

From Ushuaia to Ushuaia 

During a brief summer, the Antarctic offers breathtaking opportunities to observe new life in the interminable ice. Thousands of penguins, seals and sea birds are busy rearing their young – a dream come true for you, the nature-loving explorer. On thrilling Zodiac rides and landings, you can experience this glittering wonderland from very close quarters.

19 days From USD$10,670 per person, twin share

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Antarctic Expedition - Miracles Ahoy – the Rich Antarctic Wildlife

09 - 28 Feb 2015

From Ushuaia to Ushuaia

Your first sight of the thousands of penguins, mighty elephant seals, countless bird species and a wonderland in the endless ice will take your breath away. Surrounded by gigantic icebergs and majestic glaciers, you will discover spectacular landscapes and follow in the footsteps of legendary polar explorers.

20 days

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Expedition Alaska (Inside Passage)

From Vancouver to Nome 

Follow the pioneering spirit that took legendary explorers into the harsh and pristine landscape of Alaska. Cruising in what is possibly the most beautiful shipping passage in the world, the HANSEATIC, experienced in expeditions, and her manoeuvrable Zodiacs will take you into a world characterised by mighty glaciers, craggy fjords and a unique animal kingdom.

17 days From USD$7,995 per person, twin share

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MS Hanseatic Expedition Cruises 2015-16 

MS Hanseatic/ MS Bremen 2014/2015 Expedition Cruise

MS Hanseatic/ MS Bremen 2014/2015 Expedition Cruise

The HANSEATIC warmly welcomes you to your personal expedition onboard. She takes course for places that are untouched and fascinatingly foreign. With a maximum of 183 guests and a discreet 5 star* service you will experience and learn about the world from a different aspect.
The BREMEN, the discoverer with a sense for adventure is an expedition ship of a special kind. You will be pampered by her crew in a familiar, relaxed and comfortable 4 star* atmosphere whilst heading for the regions afar.